Three Principles to Master Your Mindset

Mastering Your Mindset:
How to Make Your Mind Your Servant

It is very important to get your mind into gear before putting your mouth into motion. Most people are the slave of their mind, not it’s master. Discipline in three key areas is required to make your mind become your servant.


An incredibly powerful tool, this is the act of letting go of negative at- tachments and putting your baggage down. Often you may not want to drop the negative baggage of your story of who you are, but if you can unburden yourself of this, then it will have a huge impact on the way you connect with people.

  • Everyone you meet can be a teacher with a gift and a lesson for you
  • When you feel pain through an experience, it is trying to teach you something
  • When you have an insight about the pain, this allows you to put the experience down and move on
  • There is a difference between being detached from something and being unattached to something as it happens. For example, if you chat up lots of girls and keep moving on regardless of how each girl behaved towards you, then you were detached from each con- versation and not investing in the other person. If you are unat- tched to the outcome, then you still stay present with the pain of rejection from a girl, letting yourself learn from it and then putting the pain down
  • Use charm to forgive a person when they do not build on your conversational offers with a ‘Yes, and”, and instead allow them to control the conversation by building on their offer instead
  • Use forgiveness to keep the conversation flowing. Someone may not be socially aware of what they are communicating and you never know what negative thoughts might be plaguing their mind, so don’t take on their baggage as your own
  • You are naturally charismatic when you are unblocked of your bur- dens. Learning these techniques and strategies allows your true self to show while you continue to unblock yourself


Being thankful for whatever set of present circumstances you are in generates a positive mindset. This will improve your vibe and help you to interact with people.

  • Negative emotions are addictive, positive emotions take practice
  • Gratitude provides you with evidence that your life is good, there-by improving your vibe ever more
  • Sadness holds you back in the past, fear keeps you distant in thefuture and happiness through gratitude keeps you firmly in the present


It is important to cultivate this attitude. The best sales people in the world hear “No” five times on average before successfully closing the sale.

  • This does not have to be a verbal “No”, but in effect it means the person makes no effort to carry on the conversation
  • It can take between 30 to 60 seconds for someone to fully take you in. Any “No”s before then are likely automatic reactions
  • By persisting you display your congruence, and that you are com- fortable being you in the face of negativity
  • Practice being aware of those moments you need to persist in conversations
  • Take note of when conversations begin to open after initially being faced with a “No, but”.


Your life grows and shrinks in proportion to the health of your mindset. A good mindset, one that embraces forgiveness, gratitude, and persistence, is an asset that will serve you not only in dating, but in work, play and life. I encourage you to playfully find the edges of your comfort zone in expanding your mindset to one that attracts the best possible life.

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