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Here we’re trying to build the biggest PUA dictionary on earth. In time we hope to build a list of PUA and dating terminology that covers every concept and bit of lingo mentioned in forums, books and programs. If you have a term and you want to know its meaning, submit it in the comments below and we’ll hunt out the meaning for you.



6SV – (Acronym) – Definition: The Six Societal Values

Abundance Where you give off the impression that you have plenty of dating options and opportunities in your life – you do not come across as ‘needy’.

Alpha Male 1.0Definition: A strong, confident, successful man who desires to control others.

Alpha Male 2.0Definition: A strong, confident, successful man who desires long- term consistent happiness.

Alpha Male Syndrome (AMS)Definition: When a man takes on the animal-like attitude that the most physically dominant males should have the highest degree of popularity with the most desirable women, and that less dominant males should ‘submit’ to their authority and influence.

Assumption – Definition: Where you make a guess about someone – Definition: usually instead of asking them a direct question about something.

Beta MaleDefinition: The typical, needy, submissive “nice guy.”

BiteDefinition: When a girl responds strongly positively to you.

Blitzing – Definition: Sending mass amounts of openers to girls online or in text message. May also refer to opening many women in a short amount of time in a club.

Buying signsDefinition: Signals that a girl will give out to show that she’s ready for a date, or for escalation.

Calibration – Definition: Adjusting your behavior for the woman’s reactions or boundaries, and the surrounding situation.

Check SystemDefinition: A simple time management system.

Code – Definition: Your personal code of conduct. A (hopefully short) list of standards you will always adhere to no matter what.

Cold approach – Definition: Approaching a woman in a situation where there is no social connection or the two of you are strangers

Cold numbersDefinition: A number that is got in a rush, or where the woman may have been slightly hesitant in handing it over.

Comfort – Definition: The set of feelings and experiences in seduction that make a woman feel more comfortable, familiar, relaxed, trusting and emotionally connected with a man

Conversational hooksDefinition: These are topics of conversation that arise and can be built upon to continue the conversation.

Dark SideDefinition: That aspect of a person’s character or personality that is inherently evil, immoral, or perverted. Usually is revealed when a man is in a Mode Four state of mind.

Day game – Definition: Approaching and attracting women in the daytime (in coffee shops, parks, the beach, the street, clothing stores, etc); the main difference between day game and night game is that day game lacks alcohol, the highly social dynamic and often fun/ party atmosphere that usually characterizes night game

Dead numbersDefinition: A number that you haven’t had a response from in a long time.

Ding valueDefinition: Where you do something that negates your ‘value’.

DirectDefinition: When you are open about your intentions/ what you want.

Direct opener/ approach – Definition: Approaching a woman and starting a conversation by making a clear physical compliment of her or reference to her physical attractiveness

DissedDefinition: A slang term that is a variation of “disrespected”; When a man or woman fails to acknowledge your presence, and/or fails to reciprocate your desires and interests, in a blatantly disrespectful manner.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde BehaviorDefinition: Based on the characters created by Robert Louis Stevenson (1886), this is the behavior that is attributed to a man who frequently vacillates between Mode Two Behavior and Mode Four Behavior.

DTF – (Acronym) – Down to Fuck – Definition: Clearly interested in fornicating.

E3D – (Acronym) – Definition: Every Three Days time management system – A comprehensive time management system.

Effective BehaviorDefinition: Any form of behavior you exhibit that is highly conducive to the achievement of your desired goals and objectives. For example, when you express your desires, interests, and intentions in an honest, straightforward, and upfront manner.

Egotistical Indifference – Definition: The primary basis for exhibiting Mode One Behavior. When you’re “egotistically indifferent,” this means that you never become too excited in response to flattery, nor do you feel too offended or dejected by subjective criticisms or opinionated insults. When a man allows his ego to become ‘too attached’ to receiving a specific type of reaction or response from women, this is what ultimately causes his fears of criticism and rejection.

Erotic Hypocrites (EHs)Definition: Manipulative women who possess a specific desire to date and marry men who have a high degree of wealth, education, and social status; They will generally hide their true sexual interests and sexual history from their potential mates, as well as harshly criticize men and other women for engaging in free- spirited sexual practices, even though they enjoy unconventional forms of sexual pleasure themselves.

Erotic Tension – Definition: Basically, the cause of sexual chemistry. Erotic tension usually develops when one’s ego is challenged and/or frustrated by the behavior of a member of the opposite sex. Bold, provocative behavior usually creates erotic tension.

EscalateDefinition: When you try to step the interaction up a notch—by making things more sexual.

Escalation – Definition: Moving the dynamic with a woman forward toward sex

Excitement – Definition: The set of feelings and experiences in seduction that make a woman feel stimulated, aroused, challenged, passionate and emotionally animated with a man

Extraversion – Definition: The personality trait in which a person is energized by being in social situations and drained by being alone

FB – (Acronym) – Definition: Friend With Benefits

Financial FreedomDefinition: Being free from circumstances and unhappiness created by financial lack

FlakeDefinition: When someone cancels.

Freedom of ActionDefinition: The condition of being able to live your life any way you choose, free from any unreasonable limitations from work, government, family, or lifestyle.

Friend zoneDefinition: When she only sees you as a friend.

GentlemanDefinition: A man who is perceived as honorable, courteous, considerate, and exceptionally well-mannered and polite. This is usually the image that all men who exhibit Mode Two Behavior strive for.

GLL – (Acronym) – Good Looking Loser – Definition: A good-looking girl without much social ability.

Hard NextDefinition: A permanent removal of a woman from your relationship life. Improvement

High commitment datesDefinition: A date in Paris, or a weekend night out – these dates require a lot of investment on her part.

Honesty – Definition: Openness and straightforwardness in your emotions and intentions with women
Indirect opener/ approach – Approaching a woman and starting a conversation by saying something that does not directly show your physical attraction to her.

Indirect -Where you are not immediately open about your intentions.

Ineffective BehaviorDefinition: Any behavior that you exhibit that is counterproductive to the achievement of your desired goals and objectives; For example, when you express your desires, interests, and intentions in a cautious, indirect, and/or deceitful manner.

Instant date – Definition: Taking a girl on a date or hanging out with her right upon meeting her, usually after a good ten minutes or so of conversation.

Instant dateDefinition: When you spend a lot of time with a person in isolation on first meeting.

Introversion – Definition: The personality trait in which a person is energized by being alone and drained by being in social situations.

InvestmentDefinition: How much you care about something. How much you put into an interaction.

Isolation – Definition: Getting a woman alone into a one-on-one situation with you, “isolated” away from her friends or the larger group.

Kino – Definition: Sensual touching.
Mission – The single, overriding purpose and direction of your life, or at least for the next 20 years

Las Vegas effect – Definition: The effect of being on vacation or in a similar unusual temporary life situation where a woman is more willing to take risks and do things that she would not normally do socially and sexually.

Logistics – Definition: The details and characteristics of a situation that present. obstacles or opportunities to furthering the seduction.

Low commitment datesDefinition: Coffee or a drink after work mid week – these dates are easier for her to commit to.

LTR – (Acronym) – Definition: Long-Term (monogamous) Relationship

Macro context – Definition: The large-scale culture, society, dominant beliefs and standards in a given place that affect how a given man and woman interact and relate to each other.

Manipulative BehaviorDefinition: Behavior that is not totally honest, but at the same time, not totally dishonest; Usually involves either the use of tangible and intangible “incentives” and “rewards,” or the use of deceptive, misleading behavior, in an attempt to achieve a self- serving objective.

Mass MarketingDefinition: Re-contacting a number of girls at the same time with the same ping message.

Maybe girl – Definition: A girl who is somewhat interested in you on the approach, but not super attracted; she will require more effort and engagement in the seduction process than a “yes” girl.

Micro context – Definition: The small-scale characteristics of a situation or venue that influence how a given man and woman interact with each other.

Misogyny / Misogynistic BehaviorDefinition: When a man is physically and sexually attracted to women, but has a deep felt hatred and lack of respect for females as human beings. Men who exhibit Mode Four Behavior are typically misogynists.

MLTR – (Acronym) – Definition: Multiple Long-Term Relationship(s)

MNS – (Acronym) – Definition: Monogamous, but Not Serious

MomentumDefinition: Keeping things moving towards your end goal.

Money BaselineDefinition: The three financial minimums of the Alpha Male 2.0 – income of $75,000 per year (or the equivalent), working less than 40 hours average per week, and having the ability to recover that income within 6- 12 months if it’s ever lost.

NeedyDefinition: Where you (often accidentally) come across like you want something from the other person.

Nice BehaviorDefinition: Behavior that, on the positive side, is generally polite, friendly, enthusiastic, and entertaining, but on the negative side, is usually too lenient, too cautious, and/or too accommodating. Usually exhibited by a Mode Two “Gentleman.”

Night game – Definition: Approaching and attracting women in the nighttime, especially in nightlife venues like bars and nightclubs or other settings where there is alcohol and a general atmosphere of fun and partying.

No girl – Definition: A girl who is not attracted to you or not interested at all, no matter what you do; there is basically no chance that you can seduce her.

Obsolete Biological Wiring (OBW)Definition: Strong but outdated biological urges that were needed 50,000 years ago but now only serve to make you less happy.

OBW – (Acronym) – Definition: Obsolete Biological Wiring

OI – (Acronym) – Definition: Outcome Independence

OLTR – (Acronym) – Definition: Open Long-Term Relationship

OLTR Marriage – (Acronym) – Definition: An open or semi-open marriage with an enforceable prenuptial agreement and completely separate finances between the two partners.

OneitisDefinition: An unhealthy condition where insecurities, inexperience and a lack of emotional stability result in over infatuation with one singular girl.

Opener – Definition: The first thing you say to a girl when you approach her

Opener – Definition: The first thing you say to a women you do not know.

Outcome independence – Definition: Emotional detachment from the outcome of a conversation or interaction with a given individual girl.

Outcome IndependenceDefinition: The state of uncaring in regards to the outcome of a particular, singular situation currently before you.

PingDefinition: When you re-contact a girl after a period of no communication.

Platonic Interest – Definition: When a person is interested in communicating with you, and sharing your company, on a regular or semi-regular basis, but in a totally non-romantic, non-sexual manner.

Player HaterDefinition: A person who dislikes others for no other reason than the fact they are jealous and envious of their social status, level of career and financial success, and/or their degree of popularity with others.

POF – (Acronym) – Plenty of Fish – Definition: An online dating website.

PUAs (Pickup Artists) – Definition: The community of guys who take a disciplined approach to studying and practicing meeting, attracting and seducing women, often using scripted routines and methods.

Push-PullDefinition: A fantastic ‘old school’ Pick up concept whereby you oscillate in-between ‘pushing’ a girl away using challenging/ teasing before ‘pulling’ her back to you with comfort creating softer text messages.

QualificationDefinition: Where you demonstrate that there are things she needs to do to qualify her for a position in your life.

Real BehaviorDefinition: Behavior that is representative of your true desires, interests, intentions, and character; Behavior that is devoid of any phony or pretentious airs.

Romantic InterestDefinition: When a person is interested in communicating with you, and sharing your company, within the context of a committed, monogamous sexual relationship

Sexual BaselineDefinition: The sexual minimums of the Alpha Male 2.0 – the ability to have sex with at least two new women within four weeks of losing your current source of sex, and always having sex at least twice a week with women you consider at least “cute.”

Sexual FreedomDefinition: The option of having mutually consensual sex whenever you want with whomever you like without having to get permission from anyone.

Sexual InterestDefinition: When a person is interested in sharing your company for the primary, if not specific purpose, of exchanging pleasurable orgasms.

Sexy stereotype – Definition: A universally recognizable male archetype that represents a specific personality, identity and lifestyle.

Six Societal ValuesDefinition: The six values society deems as more important than personal happiness. They are – conformity, security (perceived or real), control over others, emotional validation (“drama”), social validation, and not being alone.

SLA – (Acronym) – Seven Life AreasDefinition: The seven ways in which you can spend your time – financial, family, social, woman, spiritual, physical, and recreational.

Small TalkDefinition: Any conversation that you engage in with another that is usually trivial and meaningless, but to some degree, entertaining; The content of the conversation has nothing to do with your needs, desires, long-term intentions, or true interests.

Social FreedomDefinition: The ability to take action without regard to negative reaction from society.

Soft NextDefinition: A short, temporary removal of a woman from your relationship life.

SolidDefinition: When you get a number, or set a date, that is very likely to happen.

SP – Definition: (Acronym) – Societal Programming – Any thoughts you have as a result of society’s extreme and constant efforts to install falsehoods within you to further the agenda of the elites.

SpecificsDefinition: Set the logistics for the date if they haven’t already been specified. `

Standard WorkDefinition: Regular work you must perform in order to pay your bills and maintain your lifestyle.

Strong BehaviorDefinition: Any form of behavior you exhibit that makes it virtually impossible for others to manipulate you, disrespect you, and/or cause you to change or compromise your personal principles and values without a valid purpose.

Targets – Definition: A man who frequently exhibits Mode Three Behavior that usually has a high degree of wealth and social status; These men will typically engage in a lot of pretentious, uninteresting small talk with women which usually revolves around what they own, what they’ve accomplished, and what they have to offer financially and materialistically.

TimidsDefinition: A man who frequently exhibits Mode Three Behavior that usually has very little, if any, courage or self-confidence; These men will typically avoid approaching and interacting with women altogether.

TMM – (Acronym) – Definition: Traditional Monogamous Marriage

Unapologetically StraightforwardDefinition: When a man is exhibiting Mode One Behavior (or Mode Four Behavior), and he expresses his desires, interests, and intentions in an extremely unambiguous and forthright manner, without giving any hint of shame or regret for their manner of expression.

UnmarriageDefinition: Moving in with a woman in a relationship that looks exactly like a marriage (cohabitation, raising kids, a wedding, wedding rings, etc) only without actually getting legally married on paper.

Useless WorkDefinition: “Busy work” that makes you feel productive but actually accomplishes nothing of value.

ValueDefinition: How much self worth you project into the world. How important a person you’re perceived to be.

Verbal Wimp – Definition: A person who allows their fear of being criticized, disliked, rejected, or ignored to prevent them from expressing their true desires, interests, and intentions to others in an honest, confident, upfront, and straightforward manner.

Vulnerability – Definition: Openness to criticism or judgment from others, requiring a strong character and inner confidence.

Warm approach – Definition: Approaching a woman in a situation where there is a preexisting social connection or commonality between the two of you.

Warm numberDefinition: A number from a social interaction or that follows a very ‘solid’ interaction. She seems into you—big time.

Weak BehaviorDefinition: Any form of behavior you exhibit that makes it fairly easy for others to manipulate you, disrespect you, and/or provoke you to change or compromise your personal principles and values without valid cause.

Wholesome Pretenders (WPs)Definition: Manipulative women who give off the public impression that they are the living personification of wholesomeness, chaste, sexual conservatism, and monogamous virtues, when in reality, these same women have frequently experienced “one-night stands” and “casual flings.”

WorkDefinition: Work that potentially or definitely will improve your income and/or lifestyle not today, but down the road.

Yes girl – Definition: A girl who is highly attracted to you right from the approach, allowing you to start at a more advanced stage in the seduction process.

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