Why Women Prefer Younger Men

A lot of guys just want tactics on what to say and how to act when meeting women, but it’s very important to set the foundations of your mindset when going after cougars. This blo is designed to build your inner confidence, and it’s very important no matter how great you think you are.

I’d like to assume that all my readers are confident and full of self-love and self-respect. However, most men who have trouble with women have some issues with their self-esteem in one way or another. Even when you found this blog, you might have wondered, “Will an older woman really want to be with me? She’s going to say I’m too young.”

A common fear that other men have is that in their 20’s, they might not be sexually experienced enough for a woman in her 40’s. She’s been with at least a few bedroom masters by now, right?

This post will give you leverage for your confidence by helping you understand that when you hit on a cougar, you are doing her a favor. Hopefully you can get some insight into why women prefer young men. You’re not trying to get sex from her. You’re beginning a relationship with her that will benefit both sides. Here is a short list of qualities you have, as a younger man, that will make a cougar interested in being with you.


Advantages for Younger Men

Perk 1: Simply Being Younger

A lot of your power in seducing a cougar comes from something I call “brag” potential. What can a woman brag to her friends about when talking about you? Assume her friends will never meet you, and that she has some wiggle room to embellish a little. If she’s 40 and you’re 25, you can imagine she’ll be proud of that accomplishment, and likely make the story sound like she seduced you.

To give you a male version of this phenomenon, think of the word “model” and what it implies. Have you ever dated or had sex with a woman who said she was a “model” but clearly wasn’t pretty enough to be photographed for a major magazine? Maybe she posed for a local paper, or maybe she was a “plus size” model, where her competition for the photo shoots were 250+ pound women.

When you hook up with a woman that just barely qualifies as a model in any sense, what is the first thing you text your friends?

”Dude, I just fucked a model.”

Hey, you weren’t lying, right? She was a model. If your friends want to assume that she’s a Sports Illustrated bikini queen, that’s their issue, not yours.

It’s the same for a woman who’s sleeping with a man 20 years younger than her. If she tells her friends, “I just took home a 22 year-old,” they will all cheer her on. She’ll probably tell them you were “so hot,” even if you’re just average looking or even a little below average. Your age gives you a lot of leverage, simply by the number.


Perk 2: Being In Shape

I don’t want to discourage you if you’re overweight, but any muscle or physical fitness you have will have ten times the impact on older women that it currently has on women your age.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where men tend to lose motivation to keep in shape as they get older. They might get married and let themselves go, knowing that they don’t have to impress anyone to get laid anymore. Or maybe they get sucked into the corporate world and work 70-hour weeks, never hit the gym, and relax after work with TV dinners and CSI: Miami.

If you work in an office, just look around. See how many cautionary tales there are of men who’ve reached age 40 or 50, and have let their bodies become mounds of blubber. They can still turn it around if they work at it, but most likely, they won’t.

This pattern of aging gives you an enormous advantage if you want to sleep with older women. Because the men their age have become fat, flabby, and disenchanted with life, even the tiniest amount of real muscle will look “jacked” to her in comparison.

Do you have a dent in your stomach? It’s a six pack when seen through Cougar eyes.
Can you bench 135 pounds? Don’t brag about it in the gym, but that’s way more than the guys her age can put up at the gym, and that muscle mass will be something she loves grabbing and telling her friends about. Even if you can do ten pushups, you’re well ahead of most guys her age. This is a major reason why women prefer younger men.

If you have gone above and beyond the call of duty in your workouts and have a body even younger girls lust after, then going after the older women will be like shooting fish in a barrel. Your body definitely goes a long way, and it doesn’t require more than a reasonable diet and steady discipline to hit the gym and get some impressive muscles.

Now if you’re 23 years old and completely out of shape, by all means apply everything else in this blog as you get fit. There are still plenty of other advantages you have as a younger guy, not the least of which is your number of years on the planet. Still, make sure you still get in good shape. Pulling cougars is not the reason to get in shape, but if that gets you in the gym, use that as leverage.


Perk 3: Sexual Stamina

This goes along with the “being in shape” advantage. If you’ve kept a reasonable diet and workout plan, you should be able to last longer in the sack than your older male counterparts. Not only will you have a better back and abs to keep the thrusting going, but you will have more sexual control to keep from spurting too early or going soft at the wrong times.
As men get older, their testosterone levels start to drop, and they simply cannot please a woman as well as a younger guy can. There are exceptions of course, and you can be one of them, if you take care of yourself as you age. For the most part, however, if she has sex with four men this year, and three of them are 42 and you’re 25, you will easily be the best.


Perk 4: Less Relationship Expectations

When cougars are dating within their own age group, they’re often faced with a bit of a “mid-life crisis” panic from the men. If a man is 42, has never been married, and has no children, he may feel that time is running out. He may have a plan to get engaged within a year or two, and this means he will push heavy for a relationship right away.
It’s an unfortunate phenomenon, but that type of desperation is what scares women off and keeps the men in their 40’s from finding a good long-term mate. While many single women that age would prefer a long-term relationship or even marriage, it can be refreshing for them to hang out and sleep with a man who is not in the relationship headspace at all. The woman feels far less pressure and can just relax and enjoy some sexual intimacy.
With a younger man, she knows she won’t be pressured for commitment, and that he won’t be sending flowers to her office for brownie points. You don’t have an agenda past enjoying each other’s bodies and she likes that. I mean just look at these reasons men gave for dating women in their 30s.


Disadvantages of Being Younger

I’d love to say that you, as a younger man, have 100% advantage over the older guys and that it’s completely smooth sailing to bedding a cougar. However, there are a few obstacles and disadvantages you may run into. Bear in mind that many women will not care about these.


Minus 1: Lack of Relationship Potential

While we described your lack of relationship interest as an advantage, it can be a double-edged sword at times. If a woman has never been married and is over age 38, she’s may be close to “panic mode” and have her focus on finding and marrying “Mr. Right” very fast. Every month she wastes with a “going nowhere” relationship could cost her the race to wed and procreate before menopause sets in.

If the evening you meet her, her biological clock is ticking particularly loudly, you may be disqualified no matter how hot or smooth you are. This is especially true if she has spoken to a doctor and knows she has two years of “prime fertility” remaining.

However, the good news is that even women in that “I must find a husband!” mindset will have nights out where they say, “Fuck it, I want to get laid!” and will go home with a young stud who turns them on, then never talk to him again.


Minus 2: Possible Stigma

If an older woman is trying to build a name for herself as a professional, she will be a lot less receptive to your advances if she’s out with coworkers. You won’t know that if you see her at a bar, but if she has a reputation to protect, you’ll get a cold shoulder. That’s why utilizing the internet is so powerful when meeting older women.
Those two are really the only things working against you. As long as you follow the instructions for the rest of my posts, you’ll find that it’s actually very easy to find ready and willing cougars to have relationships with.

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  1. Another great post. Thanks man! Definitely using these posts to improve my cougar game. Definitely my favourite area of pick-up.

  2. What a load of crap…I am 50 yrs old, fit and in great shape…flat stomach, nearly a six pack…hit the gym four times a week plus a cardio session..
    And I have plenty of sexual stamina…

  3. I had my share of cougars. But still the same rules work. A hit cougar won’t sleep with an average young guy, she wants that hot stud as well. An average to below average though will find an average young guy as hot

  4. I have to differ with you on the “Younger guy” advantage. Ever since I turned 40, I’ve been hooking up with women who are a lot younger than I am. Women appreciate the fact that older men do not p[lay games, have experienced success in their work life and social life, know from first-hand experience how to really please a woman in bed and are not clingy and demanding. Knowing how to make a woman laugh anywhere, anytime and about anything is the key to her heart. Laughter releases endorphins which activate the body’s opiate receptors and cause a natural high and sense of well-being. Endorphins are also released during sex and especially in orgasmic responses that disperse all kinds of feel-good hormones to the brain and throughout one’s erogenous zones.

    I learned early in life that I could overcome many of the shortcomings that made me unattractive to the opposite sex by knowing how to do two things:

    #1. Make a woman laugh even if she is having the worst day of her life
    #2. Dance like you’re the 2nd coming of Michael Jackson.

    How you perform on a dance floor gives a woman an idea of how you’ll perform in the bedroom. I’ve been told this by so many women that I’ve come to accept it as gospel. And it has worked for me, time after time.

    That’s my Girl Activation System.

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