Dating Older Women and Dealing With Age Objections

I almost forgot to include this in the blog, simply because once you get past a certain level of skill in seducing cougars, the age objection completely disappears. However, before you reach that point, you will get these annoying statements all the time.


  • “You’re too young for me.”
  • “I’m too old for you.”
  • “You know, there are a lot of cute single girls here your own age.”
  • “I’m old enough to be your mother.” (Aghhh! The WORST! Makes me choke every time!)


The fact is that if you’re having sex with an older woman, it’s pretty clear that this is not going to be a serious relationship and that your age difference is largely irrelevant. When you are confident enough, you will never hear these objections again. These objections become equivalent to listening to a rap CD and complaining “How come they’re not singing?” It’s missing the point.

Side Note: How Old is “Too Old” Anyway?
Throughout this series of posts, most of the women I talk about will be in the range of mid 30’s to mid 40’s. Can you go older? Of course. How old do you want to go? It’s entirely a personal preference. I’m a firm believer that if you’re legitimately attracted to a woman, then at least for sexual purposes, age becomes as irrelevant as height, weight, and nationality. Your friends or ego may disapprove, but if you feel the sexual chemistry, there is no reason to hold back, even if she’s pushing 60. Live for yourself.

Of course, no matter how ridiculous some age objections may be, we need to be realistic and acknowledge that if you’re new to this scene, objections will come up.

I could give you witty comeback lines to all the above objections, but to be honest, they wouldn’t do you any good. The best thing you can do is not acknowledge her objections as important.
Want to know the best “comeback?” It’s three simple words. “I don’t care.”
You can say this in many ways:


  • “I don’t give a fuck.”
  • “That’s not something I’m really thinking about right now.”
  • “So what?”
  • “I don’t care”


This will seriously gain you a lot of ground in a lot of areas with women, not just when a woman says you’re too young. You will be leading by example, as she knows you’re someone who doesn’t care what society thinks. If she’s worried about going home with you because it feels “slutty,” then you openly not caring about “proper age ranges” will make it easier for her to come with you. She’ll be liberated to make her own decisions, as she’ll know you don’t judge people for stepping outside the boundaries of what society expects.


Whatever you do, however, do not defend the age difference. Don’t say you don’t like young women, and don’t say you’re mature enough for her. It’s playing the wrong game, and that game always loses.
There are other challenges a cougar can throw your way that could be a little more difficult to handle.
She might ask “Are you into older women?” or “Are you cruising for older chicks?”
Say “Sure,” or “Sure. Why not?” Don’t explain yourself. Treat it as if she asked if you like blondes or girls with big asses. There’s no reason to justify it. If she directly asks you why, just say “Do I need a reason?” Make sure you do not fall into the trap of explaining your preferences and desires to her. Having to explain or excuse yourself always puts you in a weak position. The last thing you want to get into is a long diatribe about how you think older women are more mature and sophisticated, etc.


Once you actually get a woman home or out to meet you again, the age objection will likely not come up again. If it does, just keep projecting the “I don’t care” attitude.


A question you will likely get no matter how good you are with cougars is “How old are you?”
What I like to do when this happens is ask them what age they think I am. There are a number of advantages to this response. First of all, when you reverse the question on them, it puts them on the spot to get it right for your approval. This shifts the power to you for a moment.

She’ll give you a guess, which will usually be younger than what you actually are. Let her know your real age. This carries a second benefit. When a cougar is already attracted to you, and finds out you’re older than she thought, she is more inclined to want to hook up with you, no matter how small the difference. This is even if she guesses 23 and you’re 25.

There’s no reason to ever lie about your age. Remember that you being young is an asset. Don’t waste this advantage and don’t hurt your self-confidence by hiding things about yourself. Any time you tell a lie to impress a woman, you’re giving yourself a subconscious imprint that you’re unworthy and have to put up a front to get a woman’s affection. Always be truthful.


The ease of being honest is one more thing that makes seducing cougars a pleasure. There is less benefit in the seduction process to lie, and you won’t even have many opportunities where you would consider lying. You’re not going to get asked questions like “How many women have you been with?” or “Are you looking for a relationship or just sex?” or anything else you’ll want to hide.

If you’re at a bar when you get asked this, you might get hit up with the reverse question from her and her friend, “How old do you think we are?”


This question is one of the most dangerous conversational threads that can come up when meeting women. The temptation you might have is to try to guess her age accurately to impress her with your insight and intuition. The reward for doing this correctly is small, and the risk for doing this incorrectly is enormous. Even if you’re a year off from guessing her age, such as saying she’s 39 when she’s 38, she will be offended and not want to talk to you anymore. Even if you’re a genius and can guess her age correctly, most women don’t want to look their ages anyway. If she’s 38 and you guess 38, she may still be offended. She may have a “global standard” of looking five years younger than her real age, and even guessing her to be three years younger than she is will be treated like an insult!
The best way to win this game is to simply not play. If a 30-something woman asks how old you think she is, the easiest thing to do is say something like “14,” and joke about her using a fake ID. Don’t joke in the opposite direction and say she looks 75, though.


Even better than joking around is to not answer the question. Say “I don’t really care,” and shrug. There may be some pressure as they push you to guess their ages. I talk about the women in the “plural” for this example because this question usually only comes up when two or more women are together. If you’re talking to a cougar online or by herself at a bar, she will prefer that her age never sees the light of day. Only when two or more women are together does the “guessing game” become something enjoyable for them.


If they do push you to play the guessing game, your best bet is to just not answer and stand your ground if they push you for it. They may pressure you, but the tension you feel from this is largely the fear that if you don’t answer, they will reject you or walk away. You can’t let a woman have this kind of leverage over you at any stage in the interaction. Decide that you will never be afraid to let a woman walk away. Next time she’s staring you down, expecting you to follow her command, say in your head, “It’s ok, I will let her walk away. I will let her walk away.” You’ll be amazed at the results. Once you get good at this, you won’t even get tested in this manner anymore.


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  1. Woah! Great post. Have struggled so many times with older women calling me out for my age! Thanks for this!

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