25 Things to Text a Girl to Keep Her Interested in You

Imagine this: you met a cute girl in a club on Saturday night, after you swapped some texts Sunday you arranged a date… two weeks from now (because of that work conference/ essay deadline/ her hectic social life). This is great but by the time two weeks has passed, she may not feel up for the date. She’ll flake.

Why? Remember when you made that commitment to go to a friend’s birthday way ahead of time? When you agreed to it you were pretty convinced that you were going to go? Then the day comes around, you haven’t caught up with your friend in ages, you’ve got a busy week at work, you feel broke and you FLAKE.

Exactly the same things may go through a girl’s mind in the run up to meeting you. If you got her number quickly, if she was uncertain to begin with, if it’s ages before you can meet again in person, you need to stay in touch. Use connecting texts to build that investment from her and make sure she feels more into you than ever by the time your date comes around.


When to Text Her?

You don’t want to overwhelm a girl by texting her every day: but you don’t want to leave her weeks at a time without hearing from you. This is why you need some solid things to text her.

Aim to have a quick text exchange maybe once every 3 days in- between when you set the date, and when you eventually get to hook up.

Keep these exchanges quite brief: you don’t want to destroy the mystery, you just want to keep her interested enough so that she doesn’t flake on your date.


Rules of Text Thumb

These texts should give value: they should make her smile, be conversational and easier to respond to.

The shorter and more direct they are the higher risk they become.‘So . . . ‘ text to the right girl, who’s into you, will push her to write something witty; a girl that isn’t biting quite so hard will ignore you.

Use games, MMS and curiosity to prompt a response.

Don’t over invest: keep your conversations short, try to end the text conversation first and don’t keep pushing if she’s giving you low investment responses. Instead of trying to keep her talking, give her some space to miss you.


No response?

These texts should be generally low investment i.e. It shouldn’t matter too much if you send one with no response. A couple in a rowunanswered though could spell trouble. Give her a few days to respond and if you don’t hear anything, pick up the phone and try to build her interest levels the old fashioned way—by having a conversation.


So here are 25 things you can text her right away:

  1. So . . . .A high risk prompt if you want her to take the initiative.
  2. Time to get to know you better—let’s play five questions. Just keep yours clean 😉Use some reverse psychology to get her flirting with you.
  3. Knock Knock … Ivan.Ivan to stop texting and see you in person . . .Use a classic corny joke to get her responding.
  4. So I’ve had a day involving breaking hearts, near death experiences and ice cream . . . can you top that?Suggest your life is awesome and challenge her to compete with it.
  5. I’m sure you told me about something you were doing today that was important to you. Naturally I’ve forgotten all about what it is—but I have remembered to ask about it?You can make this up—and come across like a jerk—but if your relationship is playful it could still work!
  1. Aren’t you going to tell me off?Twig her curiosity to get her drawn into responding.
  2. Monday mornings suck don’t they?Talk about a feeling everyone shares to engage her.
  3. My three most recent googles: ‘Dirty knock, knock jokes’, ‘corrupt corporations’, ‘translate ‘PIXIE’ into Cornish’. You?A fun exercise to play with a girl and suggest a little about what kind of a guy you are.
  4. Just stocked up on GINGER BEER, PRETZELS & ELASTIC BANDS i.e. I’m working hard. What are your 3 desert island items?Use classic scenario questions to get a well thought out response.
  5. It’s going to be a long day (it’s tough being so important 😉 . . . are you going to make me envious by doing something more fun?Prompt her to boast to you, then tease her about what she says.
  6. Isn’t this supposed to be NATIONAL CAKE DAY? Are you celebrating yet? XEvery week there’s a national holiday of some kind – abuse this fact.
  1. I’m bored—let’s play a game. I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with B . . .Transform old fashioned games via text.
  2. I’m instigating a game of text tag—put your foot in?Create an environment of fun by recreating school games.
  3. Yikes have you seen the news today? I won’t be impressed if you’re not a current affairs kind of girl 😉Use something topical to kick start a conversation.
  4. Imagine you’re doing HOT CHOCOLATE after a RAINY DAY & watching WIFE SWAP. Question is, are you also psychic?Be cocky by assuming what she’s doing, and be prepared to be corrected!
  5. Is it wrong that I hate HAPPY NEW YEAR’S texts?Use the time of year to send an unconventional seasonal message.
  6. I’ve decided we need to quit our jobs and go on holiday to THAILAND . . . .Talk about future adventures to engage her imagination.
  1. I had a very late night yesterday. Drank a silly amount. Never again until I can afford 24 hour care the day afterwards . . .Talk charismatically about your life and see if she compares hers.
  2. Sunshine! You better be out preening, picnicking and partying.Use the environment to suggest to her what you should be doing.
  3. Hmmm . . . * insert YouTube video or picture*Send a link, wait for her opinion on it, and then disagree!
  4. Have you ever read ‘GONE WITH THE WIND?’ . . . there’s something of the SCARLET O’HARA about you.Use comparisons with books & movies to compliment her.
  5. Where am I? *insert picture* strictly three guesses only!Use picture messages to play games.
  6. Rubbish day! You get bonus points if you can make me smileChallenge her to impress you.
  7. How many stars would you give today? If below 4 let’s fix that.Make her smile on a dull day.

25. Weekend score sheet: please complete. Number of drunken adventures . . . Friends that made you laugh . . . Hours taken out to chill out . . .

Use a text template and get her to fill in the blanks.


So there you have it, 25 things you can text her straight away to keep her thinking about you! If you’re looking for more texting advice, then I can’t suggest enough that you check out How2TxtHer by Christian Hudson, its an insanely good program that teaches you everything you need to know about perfecting your text game. As far as I’ve seen, it is by far the best texting program on the market, and as a bonus it includes hundreds of example texts.



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