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  • Implementation - 78%
  • Effectiveness - 83%
  • Value for Money - 71%


Erect on Demand is definitely one of the most well produced products in this niche - Gets down to the science and looks straight towards making change. Though results are never guaranteed in this niche, user reports are mostly positive.

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 Erect on Demand


Well, honestly this a weird one for me to be reviewing today. But stick with me, its really not so bad. Todays review is non other than the Erect on Demand program by a very classy fellow named Josh Harding.

Im going to stop here for a moment.

Josh ‘Hard’ing, like really?

Anyway, on with the review.


A Bit About The Author

Erect on Demand ReviewJosh Harding (a pseudonym obviously) is a therapist and also an expert on hypnosis and the subconscious. He’s created a wide variety of therapeutic interventions that are being used all around the World with tremendous success. The focus of his work has always been on providing the fastest, easiest and most effective solutions available anywhere.


My User Review of Erect on Demand

Erectile Disfuntion, or ED, is not something many men like to talk about. So before we begin looking atErect on Demand Review the intricacies of the Josh Harding’s erection training program, I want to create some shared understanding around sexual problems that will help you understand if this program is or isn’t for you.

Sexual problems are common in both men and women so if you have one then you’re by no means alone. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that 43 percent of women surveyed indicated having sexual problems. A third of men surveyed also reported problems. As Josh Harding points out, the real figures are probably even higher especially since people tend not to want to share the fact they experience problems. Whatever the actual figures, the reality is that sexual problems are widespread. If you have a sexual problem of some kind then you’re in good company because countless other people do too. Erectile dysfunction is entering mainsteam media more and more. While millions suffer in silence there may be no need because there are often relatively simple solutions and Harding tries to describe as many as he can in Erect on Demand.


The Erect on Demand Program is a practical guide designed to help provide fast and effective help. This means that for most things, rather than getting bogged down in loads of theory, Josh describes simple steps to rapid and effective solutions. To put this to work, the ED program promises that all you need to do is follow the steps.

Because so many sexual problems have similar causes and treatments, the first edition (V1.0), as explained in a former Erect on Demand Review, the program originally had a lot of repetition in the text. In the end, Harding updated the course and decided  on a new format used in the program. As far as I am concerned, this updated learning format is one of the best and easiest to follow out of all the Erectile Dysfunction courses I’ve ever looked at. Harding splits the information for you into chunks relating to certain things. In this way you’ll have access to the information you need quickly and easily.

Where the Erect on Demand program explains a probable solution to any particular sexual problem you’re likely to find that Josh has referred back to information in another section. This saves repetition and it’s made this a much easier book for readers to use than it would have been otherwise.


This approach to the subject also means you can focus on only those sections which apply to your specific issues. I do suggest reading everything cover to cover because you may find something in another section that’s useful to you in an unexpected way. Often going through the program, I would be reading a section that I believed had nothing to do with me, and would have an Aha! moment anyway.

For many people, sex is one of life’s great pleasures. Sex can lift someone to great heights of fulfilment. Equally, sex and sexual difficulties, such as erectile dysfunction, can cause people to reach the depths of despair … that is, if there’s a significant problem. For many people, sex and sexuality can also be guilt and anxiety ridden, stressful, frustrating, painful, embarrassing or problematic in so many ways. Erectile Dysfunction is often a symptom of this.


The Erect on Demand book is designed to help resolve and review as many sexual problems as possible. The author of the system describes simple, workable solutions that should work very well indeed as long as the instructions are followed. Erections on demand are an attainable goal, if you follow the system with dedication.

If you’re a common reader, I believe you will find this program the easiest introduction into a more specialised approach to erectile dysfunction. Therapists can use the Erect on Demand methods but Josh Harding deliberately produced this from a self-help perspective so you can help yourself. The main thing I’d like to get across in this Erect on Demand review is that this is first and foremost a powerful self help program, and the power is in your hands. This is to empower you with easy and effective solutions that stand a very high probability of working, allowing one to regain control of their sexuality.


There’s absolutely no point in being miserable when a solution exists and with the Erect on Demand book you now have access to methods that can help with practically any sexual problem. If you have been dealing with something that isn’t listed, read the program cover to cover and you’re likely to find information which you can use for whatever it is that you need to resolve.

Josh Hardy has said he produced this book because so many people are simply too embarrassed to seek help for sexual problems. This is a tragedy because there are very often simple solutions and particularly so when it comes to subconscious or psychological problems related to sex.

Many people mistakenly assume that resolving such problems will be difficult. The reverse is true. Often the solution is likely to be reasonably simple as long as the correct approach is used. And the reality is that an extremely powerful tool already exists to help you. I’ll be talking about it extensively and showing you how to use it to help yourself.


Wherever possible I’m also going to describe the simplest, fastest and most effective strategies to use. Levels of success may vary within particular time-scales but as you’ll almost certainly discover, the methods and the tools described in the program will generally provide highly effective results and often extremely quickly.

I’m not telling you to use these methods or buy this program. I can’t do that. Since you’ll be working to help yourself, you need to take responsibility for yourself and for the results you achieve.

If you do decide to purchase this program, be very sure to follow the information carefully and also make sure that you have the downloadable tools you’ll need. Once you have the self-help tools described in the book, you can simply refer to the sections for whatever problem needs to be dealt with and work through the steps.

If you have more than one sexual problem to resolve then I suggest working on them one at a time. Once you’re satisfied with the result then that’s the correct time to move onto the next.

 Pros & Cons


  • Erect on Demand deals with issues in a non-superficial way. Although the program is marketed to men, it is not afraid to deal with some of the more emotional and psychological issues associated with Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Comparative to its competition, this program is very well written. Though uncommon in internet information products, this program is well structured and edited and written in a comforting tone.
  • The program is above all else holistic. Though the marketing suggests that the product is a quick fix, within the program is a more interrogative, serious look at the actual issues surrounding erectile dysfunction. The program is allot more mature then one would expect.
  • Results. According to reviews, and compared to other similar products, the reported results on the Erect on Demand program far outperform those of any comparative product. As much as 70% of reviews left for this product are positive, that in an industry with much BS information. This is obviously the most significant pro of the program.


  • This program is not by any stretch of imagination a quick fix. This is not a magic pill, there are little blue pills if you’re looking for that. Instead this program is long, all inclusive, all considering. This program will not ensure that the next time you have sex you’ll get an erection. I don’t believe any non-medical program can ensure that. BUT it will ensure that the problem diminishes over time. That said, you do need to give the program at least a month.
  • Not that engaging. Although this product has all the information you’d wish it to, its not that engaging in a multimedia sense. The publishers could of introduced more interactive aspects and explanatory media.
  • Not the cheapest. Though you pay for what you get, this program is by far not the cheapest on the market. There are several other programs in the category offering for as little as $9, though I don’t believe you would get the same quality.


The Bottom Line

In conclusion, this program is an industry leader and is some of the highest quality information you can find on self curing erectile dysfunction. That said, this quality comes at a price as it is set quite high above other internet programs. Though the price may shy away some consumers, we seriously believe its worth the money. Erect on Demand avoids fads, gimmicks and dangerous techniques that too many other products encourage. If you’re serious about getting this erectile dysfunction stuff out of your life, and you have the money to spare then we highly suggest this product. If the $57 would really damage your pocket, then keep looking around for free information on the internet, there is a treasure trove of it if you keep looking, though obviously not as concise and well packaged.


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  1. Hey man, just coming back here to thank you for the review. Read this and then purchased Erect on Demand about two weeks ago… Seeing some pretty decent results. Not as instant as promised, but knew that going – Good results none the less. Thanks again for this review, nailed it!

  2. If all else fails definitely going to buy Erect on Demand. You went into Pros and cons… But you didn’t say if you think its actually worth $57 ? Is it?

    • Yeah, just about everything in this niche is overpriced. But in the end, you can save maybe $10 by going with a much worse product – So I think its pretty good value for money.

  3. Bought the product based on your review – Was disappointed at first because the sales videos promised it to be allot easier to implement than the actual instructions in the product. That said, I followed the advice for about the last 3 weeks and I have seen a massive improvement. Wife satisfied with the results too. Going to keep at it, but pretty great so far.

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