How many women are really available to date?

Not all women are single. Some are married, and of those that are not married, many are engaged or already in a relationship. Trying to tease out the women who are in happy and satisfying relationships versus those that are with a guy they are not very excited about is difficult if not impossible. The only way at the end of the day is to approach women and see how far you can push things. If she’s been dating some guy on and off for a while, but you present yourself as the better option, then her “boyfriend” will not be a factor for long. Women, if they are interested in you, will usually not mention their boyfriend or other men they are dating. If they are not interested in you, then they may claim to have a boyfriend when they really don’t.

The number of available women varies from city to city and region to region. On a college campus, you will find a much higher percentage of single women than in a suburban community populated mostly by young families.

Aside from the availability of the women that get your attention, there are other “softer” forces that might cut down on your seduction potential:

  • Your physical qualities like handsomeness, height, build or overall fitness that will impact how women perceive you (if you are black, for example, some white women will love that and for others it will be a deal breaker)
  • The situation that the woman finds herself in when you approach her. She may be technically single, but that’s only because she had a bad breakup with her ex-boyfriend several weeks ago and she is not ready to date again yet.
  • She may not be committed to one man, but she has a rotation of 2 or 3 men that she is dating at the moment and has no room for a new one.
  • She may be tired, cranky or otherwise in a bad mood when you happen to approach her. If you had approached her at a different time of day (she’s not a morning person), or in a different location (she hates meeting men in bars, but loves meeting them spontaneously during the day), then you would have gone out with her. But as it is, she’s not open to meeting you.
  • She may have been approached by five men already before you. If you had been the first or only man to approach her, she would have been wide open and receptive. But after multiple approaches from guys, many of whom might have acted like douchebags, her defenses are raised sky-high. It will be that much harder for you to get through to her and connect with her.
  • Everything may be going great, she’s into you and you’re into her, but the logistics prevent any real progress: she’s flying out of the country tomorrow morning, or you live too far away to bring her to your place, or her friend is getting too drunk and requires her assistance for the rest of the night, and so on.
  • She is prepared to flirt and exchange numbers with an attractive stranger, but she will not be caught dead meeting up with him because she is afraid, has low confidence, has heard horror stories, or whatever other reason.
  • She is attracted to you and happy to go out with you, but she has an ironclad “rule” that she never sleeps with a man except after X dates. If X is greater than what you are willing to do, then this is another lost opportunity.
  • Your mood is off. She may have been attracted to you and even gone out with you if you had approached her when you were in a better mood/ more alert/ happier/ more relaxed/ less nervous. But as it is, you come across as a totally different person than you would have seemed if you were in a better state.All of these are examples of obstacles that might get in the way of a successful seduction. Unfortunately, every potential male-female pairing in the world is not going to pan out. Sometimes there will be forces that are just out of your hands, and no matter how good your seduction skills, you will not get your desired result. Whether that is sex or a serious relationship or anything else.What you can do is maximize your chances by improving your skills and your overall attractiveness as much as possible, and pursuing women in the best situations and contexts possible. Aside from that, if a woman has weird hang-ups that prevent her from pursuing a guy she likes, or if the logistics in her life simply prevent anything from happening, then you have to accept that and move on.
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  1. yeah, think i’m gonna start doing some approaches in the school library. don’t have much to lose. thanks for the article

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