How to Build Your Sex Appeal: 8 PUA Tips

First section I suggest to work on before all else is your appearance. I’m not covering everything about your looks, just the big points and some others that aren’t regularly discussed.
How good you look determines your potential with women. If you are planning to use online dating, this couldn’t be truer.

Looking fucking sharp helps improve your confidence and is a fantastic investment in yourself. You don’t have to spend alot; all you need is a few good outfits. I’d bet that 90% of guys reading this could make at least one significant improvement on their sex appeal. Every improvement like updating of your clothes & accessories, a new haircut, getting a tan, or just grooming properly can make all the difference. All of these updates can be done in the short term without costing you a lot of money or effort.

The long term improvements on the other hand are just as important for your looks, you can create an attractive body through habits of working out and proper dieting. Creating these habits and actually staying consistent with them is certainly easier said than done. When you just start working again (or the first time) it can be fun, new, and exciting. You’re envisioning building a great body and looking forward to change. Since it initially feels great, it’s easy to believe that you’ll be able to keep working out without it being your #1 focus. Unfortunately, until you’ve made it a legitimate habit (30 days), chances are higher you’ll either stop going often or even at all.

If you need to start going to the gym, make it your highest priority and main focus for at least 1 month before you put your attention elsewhere. Take the month to learn everything you need to know about proper dieting, a relevant program, workout schedule, and any supplementation.

When working out is habitual, it will become much easier to stay persistent with it. You’ll become use to it as it’s not a big lifestyle change anymore. When you do have some bad days or hit an obstacle, you won’t be as likely that you’d stop working out all together from a negative rut.
Even better, you’ll no longer fall in the same category of the January New Year’s Resolutioners; who last less than a month in the gym then sadly ditch their workouts to stay comfortable

There’s nothing wrong with holding off meeting women when you want to help guarantee you’ll actually lose that belly fat, or gain that muscle. Your future self will thank you.

As you sow, so shall you reap


Short Term Action Plan 

Since this topic by itself is massive, I’m just going to give my personal opinion with some tools and tips in the short term to enhance your appearance. If you’re looking for more info, GLL has both gym and style covered more thoroughly.

I had previously (somehow) landed a job in the fashion industry. It was mostly a waste of time but one thing I learnt was that if you have a great body, you can look decent in almost anything you wear (that’s well fitted); and an unattractive body (fat or skinny), needs the perfect look and clothes to be half decent. You could spend all the time and effort over years to find just the right style to look good, or you can just build your body so you basically always look somewhat decent. I’m not saying you need to build up the biggest shredded body, but get to a point of being noticeably above average.


Classy Douche 

GLL Style Guides (links on the last page) have all the info on the specifics on what to and not to wear for spring and winter. I’m going to cover some other parts of looking dam good.

First, when you’re out buying clothes, don’t look at the piece it by itself. Those shoes might look really cool on that rack, but they could be difficult to put together with an outfit. Picture whatever you’re looking at to buy with how it will go with other clothes you have, or how you can make an outfit with new clothes around it. This applies to everything- your actual clothes, accessories, shoes, pants, jackets, etc. Create full outfits – they should be knowingly planned when out on a date vs. whatever is clean in your closet and somewhat goes together. Get 1 or 2 full decked out matching outfits for meeting new women.

Classy Douche – This is basically my description of my own style I aim for. Generally fitting for those who are under the age of 30.

Classy – Clothes that show I know exactly what I’m doing; displays status. The style is (or looks) high end.
Douche – Standing out. You look really good from the classy part, but this is where the edge comes in.

This is represented best from the type of haircut you have and your accessories. Diamond stud earring (fake is fine), nice watch (the ones that spew status by themselves), chains, rings, and even bracelets can work. Wearing all of those might be overkill but I’d say at least 3 of them is good to go by. Add some bronzer with that and you’ll be shitting more swag than most guys.

Powerful/Successful – Generally fitting for those who are over the age of 30; but can be done at almost any age.

This is best represented from suits and having a professional type look. You can just show up at the date in it or, if you want an excuse, tell her know you’re coming from work or a meeting. This option can look fantastic and it often the best options for a lot of guys. This is the powerful and successful image. You’re the boss, you run the fuckin show, and you’ve got money.

Examples are suits, dress jackets, dress shirt and tie with sleeves rolled up, dress pants, dress shoes, etc. Accessories, depending on the outfit, can also go really well with this. The main one that should always be included is a nice watch.


Importance of Well Fitted Clothes 

Not buying the right size is a common mistake.

First, just because the medium jacket fits better on you than the small or large, doesn’t mean it fits you well. A lot of stores have their clothes built and sized differently. You might know how one large shirt can be bigger than a large shirt in another store, but they can also vary in width and length.

Second, you could find something that looks nice that’s perfect with the style you’re going for – but doesn’t fit well. You’re happy it’s what you’re going for, and maybe it looks alright on you, but you’re not aware of how good it could work if the size was right. The right size is even more crucial if you’re going the route of power/success style. Suits and dress clothes that are too big can look horrible– I highly encourage that you get those clothes tailored.

Third, ordering online can be risking for not getting the right size. To make sure this doesn’t happen, record your measurements (buy a measuring tape at a dollar store) and use read the sizing info that most sites have.

Fourth and final- size issues from bulking or cutting. I’m sure some of you have suddenly realised that at one point all of your clothes are too big or too small. If you’ve lost or gained a considerable amount of weight, it’s a smart idea to look into buying some new clothes.

When you have something that fits very well, the style of it can somewhat take a back seat. An example of this is a well fitted white V-neck; sometimes that’s all you need.

A useful style tool to have if you can get it is a body or floor mirror. Most of us use just out bathroom mirrors where we only see the reflection of us from the waist up. With a larger mirror you can see how the full outfit flows together including the shoes. It took me awhile to realise that shoes should match and go with what you’re wearing- and to not always use the same ones.



I believe updating your hair style is the biggest improvement majority of guys can make in the short term. You might think your haircut is decent, but I bet for a lot of you it could it be better. Does your hair look like most guys- just okay? Or does it by itself make you look like a sexy motherfucker?

Muy importante.

There’s no real universal haircut to recommend that looks great on everybody, but having short sides (usually a 1 or under) looks great for most. Whether it be a high and tight style, or something with more hair on the top (with or without fade), it can all help add a bit of essential edge.

Take some time when choosing just the right haircut. Get some pictures online and take them to the hairstylist. Experiment around and find some good hairstylists or barbers. In my experience due to price vs. quality it’s generally good to stay away from the big chain salons. If you pick a less expensive option; you can be able to get it cut more often to help stay fresh on all those dates you’re going on. Make it a habit and set alarms on your phone; don’t wait until it gets too long.

The best hair product to use I believe is wax, but it can depend on the style. I believe it gives the best version of the “messy” look and can hold really well. It’s my personal favourite, but next up is probably clay or putty. Whichever you end up using, staying away from gel – it just looks horrible in this decade.



Facial hair can definitely look good. Usually the best option is having the scruff. Beards can work as well, but it really depends on the person. Whether or not you choose to have any facial hair, make sure to remove those hairs in unwanted places. This means shaving off behind and the sides of the neck, any behind ears, and the front of your neck – like those chest hairs popping through your shirt.



Get a tan – This is really important, probably #2 on the single biggest improvement guys can make in the short term. You can get it by any of these options: bronzer (what I do), spray tan, tanning bed, or outside if the weather is good. Here are some details of each way to get a “tan” to help you make a choice:

Bronzer- Inexpensive and you put it on before you go out. Rub it in and give it 5minutes shirtless to make sure it’s dry and doesn’t stain your clothing. I mostly just put it on my skin that’s showing – my arms and face. I recommend this option for most guys.

Spray Tans – The best full body tan that doesn’t take up much time. It’s unfortunate that it can be fairly expensive. Therefore, I find them best to use on a specific type of weekend – like going to Vegas.

The negative parts beside price are that they can possibly stain your clothes as well as can wash off a bit in the shower. Spray tans last several days, then unlike bronzer where you can just put more on, you’ll have to go back to the salon and spend money to get sprayed again.

Tanning Beds –This is what I have the most experience with. For 5 years I went to the tanning salon 2-3 times a week. That’s a lot and considering I started when I was 16/17 years old; not the healthiest idea.

After those 5 years I developed a lot of moles all over my body. Even though all the moles were apparently harmless I decided bronzers just make more sense – it’s safe, time efficient and cheap (didn’t have to pay for minutes or the tanning $70 lotion). One of the best parts about tanning beds (or outside tanning) is that they can really help clear up any acne/pimples that you might have.

Outdoors –Obviously free but can be very time consuming. Also, if you’re in Canada like me, there are not many months where you can tan outdoors.



Not a bad idea to set a notification reminder on your phone for a hygienic routine. I usually do this once every week, maybe two – here’s some things you could do- clean ears, trim/clean nails ,trim pubic hair, shave unwanted hair face and neck hair (includes eyebrows if yours are big and uncontrolled), exfoliate, use teeth whitener and just anything else you can think of. This way you know you’re always looking your best and the girls won’t mind your cleaned, maintained nails inside of their pussy.



  • Appearance determines potential
  • Outfits should be created with a specific look in mind, not pieced together by random clothing
  • How well it fits you is just as important as the style
  • Short term changes (new clothes, accessories, tan, haircut, and grooming) can greatly improve your overall sex appeal and confidence instantly
  • Putting in the effort for creating and maintaining gym and dieting habits will completely pay off in the future
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