5 Ways to Say Hello to A girl You Haven’t Texted in Ages

Without Further ado:

1. Make a guess about what she’s up to

If you’re texting a girl that’s been on your mind for some time; then you’ve probably imagined what she’s up to a million times. As long as just one of those times that you pictured her it wasn’t naked; you can send her a ping message based in an assumption of what she’s getting up to right now.

The more specific the better; so these texts are best used on women that you’ve maybe dated in the past. Ideally you’d have enough knowledge about them to write something a little teasing like this:

So . . . still working hard, drinking at JAY BAR & surviving on PIZZA at MIDNIGHT? Or don’t I know you at all . . .

Heavy use of . . . . also implies that there’s blanks in what you’ve written that you’d like her to fill in.

2. Relate to her interests

If you feel like you missed out on an opportunity for a friend—as much as hot date—then you can try re-engaging with one of her interests.

The ideal format for this is that you ‘just happened to’ watch/ read/ consume something she loves and it prompted you to contact her to discuss it. Keep the texts fun and detailed:

I just watched the BLUES BROTHERS for the first time & I now totally get all your bad jokes. RAW HYDE!

These kinds of messages can be a little ‘friendly’ but if you really just want a person in your life; as a friend, as much as a date, starting off small, conversational and upbeat isn’t a bad place to begin.

3. Find the one girl who’s still into you

If you’ve just read point 2 and thought ‘pffff I don’t want to be friends with a girl: I just want to hook up!’ then you can go for something higher risk. If you have a ‘database’ of dead numbers (I’ve known guys
to have Excel sheets of old numbers so you’re not alone) then you can afford to do a bit of ‘mass marketing’. You can afford to re-contact all of your cold numbers with a high risk text. A text that is relatively teasing and doesn’t have a lot in it to respond to. If a girl then bites back you know that she’s keen:

—This silence is me ignoring you— ? . . . 😉

(translate: how are you stranger?)

4. Remind her . . . again:

Remember when you text her for the first time your plan was
to remind her of how much fun you had, and why she gave you her number in the first place, by bringing back the memories of the time you met?

Now you’re going to do the same thing but by reminding her of your past dating. The great thing is now you have more information about her to play with; and if you want to spark a reaction you can actually remind her of an old tiff . . . to see if you can reignite the banter.

AKON just came on the radio, and I’m sorry to say that I still think your taste in music sucks 😉

5. Use MMS to get a reaction

Thank God for smart phones . . . texting just got a whole lot more interesting! Why stop at just reminding her of your relationship/ the circumstances under which you met with a description?

Take a picture, or swipe one off the internet, of her favourite animal/ food/place or anything else that will really remind her of you. If your nickname for her was ‘Piglet’ and you can google a picture of a potbellied pig . . . awesome!

I saw this *attach image* and thought of you

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