How to Ping a Girl if She Doesn’t Respond to Your Texts

A ‘ping’ is when you contact someone after a period of no contact. Maybe it’s a girl who turned you down for a date: and after a few days of giving her space, you want to start the ball rolling again.

Or maybe you met a woman ages ago who you can’t get off your mind and really want to talk to her again.

Or you could just be a player with a ton of numbers you never followed up on, looking for a fun way to spend Saturday night. Either way, a ping message can help you get back in touch.



Pings are used to re-establish contact after a break. This could be a couple of days after she didn’t respond when you asked her out, or it could be months—hey even years if you want to try—after you first met.


Rules of Text Thumb

If she replies to a ping, a window of opportunity has opened for you again.

If she pings you, a window of opportunity is definitely open for you again.

For girls you had a relationship with then try to be specific when you contact them.

The longer the period of no contact, or being thoroughly ‘friend zoned’, the harder it is to reinitiate things but it’s often still worth trying.

Every time she doesn’t respond extend the period of time before you try to contact her again: a few days, a week, a month, six months . . .


No response?

Ping messages should feel low investment; so even if she doesn’t respond you can still have another bite of the cherry. That’s right: if you want you can give her some significant space and then try again. Though obviously you’re welcome to delete her number too.

If you keep increasing the amount of space, and keep your tone light hearted, you should end up on come across as ‘persistent’ rather than ‘pest’.

1. Privet VICKI, just been to a restaurant I think you’d love: they serve RUSSIAN/PAN ASIAN cuisine. Surely beats your favourite THAI? X

Choose a subject matter that she’s passionate about. i.e. If she’s a foodie talk about restaurants.

  1. So . . . still working hard, drinking at JAY BAR & surviving on PIZZA at MIDNIGHT? Or don’t I know you at all . . .People are always engaged when talking about themselves.
  2. *Poke* or does that only work on Facebook?Use humour with rhetorical questions to prompt a response.
  3. It’s MONDAY MORNING and ALICE is bored at her desk, she sees a text from a not so mysterious stranger and smiles xImagine what she may be doing at the time she receives your text& how she’ll respond to it.
  4. I saw this *attach image* and thought of youUse multi-media picture of something that reminds you of them to re-engage their attention
  5. Hey Stranger, how was your SATURDAY NIGHT? If it didn’t involve JAEGAR BOMBS & bad dancing I won’t be impressed xTease them about their lives to try to make them justify themselves.
  6. You know I only like girls who write witty messages backUse a risky qualification to suggest that she’s losing your approval.
  1. Just drifting out of contact feels unsatisfying—I want a brutal dumping text or a catch up coffee next weekShow your confidence by being nonchalant about losing her.
  2. Hey you, isn’t it your birthday this month? Though I never saw you as much of a LEO . . . xIt would be too much investment to contact her on the specific day . . .
  3. Happy British Sandwich Day (yes really) would be a shame not to celebrate . . .Use a random national holiday as an excuse to text

11. —This silence is me ignoring you—

Make out that you’re the one ignoring her.

12. Welcome to the Russian Roulette of Dating: what would happen if you replied?

Take a risk and make her question what would happen if . . .

13.Me. You. Date. Like Dr. Pepper—what’s the worst that could happen?

Use humour to make her doubt her fears about meeting you.

  1. I still think we should talk fashion, eat pizza and drink caipirinhas soon . .Suggest a date that you almost went on, again.
  2. Just found your moisturiser . . . was that you doing the ‘leave behind’?Reverse your roles so that she’s the one who’s desperate to see you again.

16. I’ve decided to chase . . .

Take a high risk by being so direct—but leave the door open to follow it up with a secondary text.

  1. Just walked down REGENT’S STREET—but no girl in a PINK coat today. Where is my favourite jacket today?Suggest something circumstantial reminded you of her.
  2. So . . . what are my chances of getting a text back? Do they increase with a compliment? If so, good morning gorgeous.Make fun of how she’s used to guys pursuing her.
  3. I just watched the BLUES BROTHERS for the first time & I now totally all of your bad jokes. RAW HYDE!Return to a topic she’s passionate about and create an in joke.
  1. AKON just came on the radio, and I’m sorry to say that I still think your taste in music sucks 😉Be reminded of her—then tease her about it.
  2. So how is MARIA in 2012? I hope just as witty as in 2011 . . . but maybe a little more spontaneousSend a challenging New Year’s message.
  3. 1. Good morning 2. Thank God it’s Friday 3. The sun is shining! You should be smiling by now 😉Add value to her day, and try to prompt an emotional response.
  4. I’m terribly late as usual, namely in getting back to you. Feel an apologetic text won’t cut it so get prepared for a lengthy phone call . . .Some girls hate phone calls so will reply to the text instead!

24. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it . . .

Try to make her curious enough to respond.

25. ? . . . 😉
(translate: how are you stranger?)

Use emoticons and pictures for a more unique ping message.



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