“Do I Look Fat in This?” – Here’s The Best Way to Respond!

“Do I look fat in this?”

Yep. That question. Most of us have been asked this question, and all of us have heard it in a movie or on TV.

What a woman is really insecure about is how she looks naked. Most women have this giant roadblock anchored in so tight that it can seem impossible to bypass.

Part of getting past this is to understand exactly how serious she is about it. Most guys think, “You’re crazy; you look great!” and feel that should be the end of it.

Well, not in the complicated mind of a woman with body-image issues.

Women think they’re too short, overweight, not curvy enough, not young enough, etc…

Like I said, you’re probably thinking she’s crazy for feeling this way, but to get past this you really need to get her to love her body as much as you do.

Women are blindsided every day with fashion magazines, beauty products, and a whole lot of other things that make them think they have some problem they need to fix. This makes women think they have to constantly try to be good enough for you.

Guys will often think she is giving them the cold shoulder. They feel rejected, when in truth she is often so insecure about her body that she can’t imagine someone seeing it without a protective layer of clothing.

You aren’t trying to “cure” her of this problem; the truth is even the most beautiful women have insecurities that they will take to their grave. Or maybe if they get senile in their old age they will just stop caring.

The point is, this is something you have to be careful with and how you approach it.

NEVER EVER jokingly insult ANYTHING about her appearance. Guys do this more than they think. It is incredibly damaging to her.

Imagine if she jokingly said, “Yeah, your penis isn’t that big. I’ve seen bigger.”

Ouch. Don’t go there. There are few ways a guy can feel the burn the way women do, but that is a great example. Put yourself in her shoes.

To keep it simple, anytime she ever has a hang-up about her looks, you tell her she looks amazing. “Do these pants make me look fat?”

“Hell no, you look great in those.”

I’m not going to tell you to lie. All right, actually I am. Say those pants are a little “snug.” It doesn’t matter. A little white lie like this is absolutely the best thing you can do for her (and yourself).

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