Limitless Potential: Maximising Your Seductive Potential

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” — Einstein

If you are to truly embrace and prepare yourself for the idea that we aren’t all-intelligent beings, capable of absolutely anything if one only stresses hard enough, then you must understand that, at the heart of seduction is the idea that we are creators. We are not fixers, givers, takers, or pickers and choosers. We don’t need to sacrifice or pretend, or try to be something that we are not. We do not need to solve problems. We do not need to have something of value that others would barter for. We do not need to take from others, nor do we need to pick and choose between things. For, in the power of creation lies the power to move past these ideas. Within seduction lies the power to create in a way that many other methods simply cannot.

A person’s potential is limitless because the natural passing of time is filled with surprises, changes, ebbs and flows. The forces of nature have a powerful effect on us all. Yet, most of us go about our lives with little awareness of it. The creativity of nature is something that we can all learn from and use to our benefit. Through the natural occurrence of certain new and ever-changing and adapting factors, nature, in its way, lends a helping hand to those who wish to overcome a challenge in their life. The introduction of new situations, new variables, and new elements coming into the mix is so powerful that the nature of a challenge can and likely will change. By even the most subtle and unexpected of additions, a situation can change so completely that the old problem will cease to any longer exist, and will become obsolete. As people we also hold this great power within us. By simply moving on in our lives, we can not only move past our challenges, but overcome them effortlessly by the natural changing of the situation. It doesn’t take much for something to change, for the old challenge to become obsolete, and no longer relevant.

Most intelligent thinking is based on knowing what will happen in the future, and perfectly remembering what has happened in the past. However, as human beings we just aren’t perfect in that way. We can’t always imagine where our actions will take us. That is one of the key reasons why creation — even to the extent of just moving on — is so much more powerful than thinking. Seduction is so fast and dynamic, that what was once the problem will become completely obsolete as new information is introduced.

Everything changes in the blink of an eye: fast, completely, and utterly. To ensure that you can’t see it coming, it may happen through the most subtle and unexpected of means. So for the most part, seduction cannot be about solutions to problems. This is because most problems become obsolete simply by moving on from them, and because most things can’t be comprehended since we can’t predict the future.

Moving on is about realizing that your best chance at a good life is to make it that way, no matter what happens, rather than trying to pick and choose between the future options that you prophesize. Issues, problems, and thinking all rely upon one resource that you just don’t have: omniscience. However, being willing to adapt to new and surprising situations, and to help guide their creation, can have more powerful effects than you may currently comprehend.

It’s common for us to know someone in our lives who is always transfixed with the idea that if they like someone, then that person doesn’t like them back. Similarly, if someone likes them, then that person ironically won’t find them to be in the slightest bit attractive. Maybe this person thinks they always have to play a game: do the opposite, appear uninterested. Perhaps they view situations as a choice between one option and another. However, this isn’t the only way of approaching challenges. There is another way. This alternative is the idea that the options aren’t clear choices, but rather, the individual must always evolve or adapt to the natural changes that will occur, as new variables are introduced into the situation. One mustn’t predict but, rather, be capable of adapting to and guiding change. If that person had simply accepted that the situation would harbor surprises, and that situations and challenges ebb and flow, come and go, then they would have been more capable of moving on from their obsessive need for control, and been more productive. The power of moving on is, in its simple way, a limitless kind of creation. It allows things to change as they do, so that challenges can be bent, and simplified to one’s needs. It allows new and more productive things to be invested in, fostered, and allowed to expand and grow.

One of the most powerful forces of creation is what you focus on: what you allow to remain the same, and what you allow to grow. You can learn to create outcomes, without any need to pick and choose between the obvious choices. If an athlete were to only ever pick the obvious option and not make something happen, it would be nothing more than a constant back and forth. If a musician were to only pick the obvious option, she will play the same sound over and over again, not realizing how to form different connections, which is essentially the heart of music. With this knowledge you must come to understand that all challenges are temporary — peripheral, even. Challenges do not hold any limitation to your ability, unless they draw your undivided attention. It is your creativity and ability to make a situation the way that you want it to be, regardless of challenge, that determines your very skill. By using the forces of seductive principles, you can learn the powers of creativity, adaptation, flow, and persistence. Through them you will learn to create the outcome by the presence that you project. With that no challenge will hold you. No problem is meant to be solved, it is simply meant to be effortlessly passed. This is the utilitarian, fix-all power of moving on.

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