Honest Review of Relationship Rewind

For a while now people have been asking me to give my take on the Relationship Rewind program by Ryan Rivers. I thought about writing this review for a while, but I never really got around to it.

One of my commitments was to post more regularly on the site, and so for the past 2 weeks I’ve delved back into Relationship Rewind, dissecting each part and assessing which parts helped me, and which parts sent me far astray. What I hope to do, through recounting my journey in getting my ex back, is to help you understand if this program is for you because let me just say this now, Relationship Rewind isn’t for everyone. Its not a magic pill, it doesn’t apply for every break-up, every situation, every person and every dynamic. I say this with some sense of reserve, but I even feel that for certain people and certain situations, Relationship Rewind might even serve to push your ex further away instead of getting her back BUT – and this is a very big but – if you are in one of the 9 break up situations that Relationship Rewind was designed for, and you absolutely know that getting your ex back will make you both happier, then this is by far the most advanced program ever designed for turning the clock back on your ex’s feelings and getting your relationship back.

This review is going to be slightly unconventional in its structure and different from reviews I’ve done in the past. I’m going to take this analysis of Ryan River’s program as an opportunity to reflect on my journey and my path towards getting my ex back – a story I’ve never really told anyone before. Once I’ve explained my story, and what makes me an quasi-expert on the matter, I’ll explain who I believe this program best suits by explaining the 9 break-ups this program works best for. I will then review the major ‘Pros & Cons’ of the program, explain the course layout and curriculum, and give an assessment on the value for money and how it stands against other ‘get your ex back’ programs.

My story

As many of you know, my names Steve. Yes, my friends call me Bebe, but for the purpose of talking about my more intimate life journeys, I’d like you to think of me as Steve. Just plain old, well intentioned Steve.

About 5 years ago I met a girl. Well, I’d kind of known her before that through friends, she was always on the parameters of my friend circle, but about 5 years ago I met her properly. She was beautiful. I mean she was beeeuuutiful. She’d hate it if I put her name here, so for the purpose of this story, lets call her Jenny. Jenny and I were both allot younger at the time, and it took us a while to finnaly get together. There was allot of back and forth originally, we played games with each other for a long while and flirted with each other constantly before finally hooking up. Even once were hooking up, we’d play mind games with each other at parties. It was a fiery relationship from the start.

Somehow we ended up together. She was my first real girlfriend. I had had girlfriends before, but nothing like this. It didn’t take me long to realize I was in love with her. Love never stopped it from being an often tumultuous relationship. It seemed that we would go weeks and months in absolute unison, flowing together like were made two parts of the same whole. In this months we’d laugh together always, play silly games with each other, call each other pet names, and have unbelievable sex.

It was the dark weeks that scared me. Some weeks, with almost no warning at all, like a dark storm coming over the sea, we would break down. We’d fight all the time. She’d be jealous, and short fused. I’d be irritable, and unforgiving. We’d land up in bad loops. Things would break down further and further until they broke. We’d reconcile. We’d enter some weird weeks. And then we’d enter some good weeks. It was always like this.

As the bad weeks grew longer and longer, until bad weeks became boring, tense, and horrible months – Love wasn’t holding it together anymore. A couple big fights, one after the other, and all of a sudden we had our first break up. Well, she broke up with me. It didn’t last long, but things were never quite the same in the months that proceeded that. So we got back together.

What arose were months of weirdness to each other, we had both hurt each other in the things we had said and done in the break up and the weeks before that, and our relationship ended up feeling forced and contrived. And so one day I ended it. It wasn’t really following a big fight, and I didn’t think she would take it as seriously as she did. I kind of just wanted things to change, I didn’t want her to move on.

Fat forward two month down the road and Im a broken man. I had quite seriously messed up. I soon realized that I had let the best thing that had ever happened to me go. Here I was regretting a decision I had made more than I could have ever imagined and there she was, wanting nothing to do with me. It seemed as if she had moved on. I mean, I know there were some parts of her (most parts she admits now) that still wanted me but I wasn’t sure. Worse yet, I had no way to ascertain what was going on in her head, trying to talking to her just seemed to bomb every time. I felt stuck and helpless.

So I asked my mom and my sister. That was some terrible advice. And I couldn’t ask my friends about it. So I did what any modern dude in my situation would do. I asked Google. And Google gave back. What transpired was an information vomit on my brain. I found dozens of programs promising to teach me how to get my ex back, make her fall insanely in love with me again, make her turn into a Stepford housewife and give me the remote. Then I found some free information. Some of that free information’s said I must call her right now. Some said wait a week or a month. Some said I must play hard to get. Some said I should apologies and admit I was wrong. Some said I should I message, some said I should call, some said I should make her jealous, some said I should not be with any other women. What was I to believe? Could any of this free information be trusted? It seemed too incongruent, contrasting, inconsistent and sometimes just wrong. On the other hand, should I fork of some money to a guru who claims to know it all, and claims that he can fix all my problems, even if I’ve never heard of him and think he cant be trusted? I was in a bind.

What I chose to do, as would any citizen of the internet, I googled “Relationship Rewind Review”, and let me tell you (this was about 3 years ago) I was confronted with absolute garbage. I read review after review that seemed like they hadn’t even read the program. There was only one review, on some obscure Yelp like site that lead me to believe that this program could actually work for me. That review just seemed honest and real, and I could connect with that guys story. And so I went ahead, I got onto the Dicarlo Diclassified website, I pulled out my credit card, and I made the first step of a very interesting journey.

The program was delivered to me instantly. By the time I checked my email, there it was. The links, the ebooks, and the passwords that would send me down the path to reclaiming my lost love. I opened the email like a fox tearing into a chicken, and I devoured the whole thing in one sitting late at night.


About The Relationship Rewind Program

What immediately struck me as interesting was the fact that before the program asks you to delve into its 3 steps, it first encourages you to go through the Clear Truth Technique as a primer for your journey in getting you ex back. The Clear Truth Technique, which is sort of a bonus in the program, The Clear Truth technique focuses on lying and the disastrous affects it has in a relationship, it sets it out clearly from the get go that if you’re going to the Relationship Rewind program successfully, you need to resolve in yourself to be honest with your partner once you get them back, and to be honest with yourself with regards to your motivations and intentions in the process of getting them back into your life. This Clear Truth eBook, which is 10 full pages long explains to you how to introduce Cleartuth and remove judgment by giving you simple and straightforward things you can say to your partner to foster an environment of trust again. Its important to note this at the beginning, because as I learned if you want any chance of getting back into a successful and healthy relationship one needs to set the foundations properly. If you proceed on the Relationship Rewind program without understanding how to build a foundation of Clear Truth, you are just going to get back into a tumultuous relationship with your ex. Some of the matters dealt with in this eBook are: Being honest with yourself and confessing your own lies from the past; How to use relationship rewind; removing the fear of judgment and consequences of being ‘caught’; asking your partner to admit something and rewarding each confession; and determining the emotional ‘juice’ your partner was getting from the lies and providing it to them in other ways.


The Clear Truth Technique

The Clear Truth technique was interesting to me, it made me reconsider some of my own issues and helped me head on to the 3 step program with a better and healthier mindset. No longer was I just looking to get my ex back, but I was looking to get my ex back in a healthy, constructive and positive way. I now wanted to build a brand new relationship, void of lying and distrust. The Clear Truth eBook is a great start to the program and something I have not come across in other ‘Get Your Ex Back’ programs that I’ve looked at. This is something unique, and showed me that Ryan Rivers was not just out to get my money, but actually cared that I get back into a healthier situation that I started in.


Step1: Simple Stage Solver & The Real Reason Reveal

Once I had been introduced to the concepts and explain how to use the program, I was then ready to move onto step 1 of the 3-step relationship Rewind program.

I opened the first eBook, and stared blankly for a second at the contents page. I took a deep breath, one that made me feel quite empowered through my own doing, and then clicked over to page 1 of the program. The first step of the program delves into two main aspects: The Simple Step Solver and The Real Reason Reveal. These are aspects that deal with the simple base steps of getting your ex back, and the real reasons for each of your actions. The program swiftly moves on to revealing the simple and effective ways that one can move forward rewinding a relationship. The eBook starts off with a mandatory explanation of what Relationship Rewind actually is – a slightly unnecessary section since its already explained in Clear Truth. It then moves on to quickly explaining how you can really ‘rewind’ your partners mind. One thing I really respect about this program is that there is absolutely no fluff, when Ryan Rivers promises to tell you something, he doesn’t ramble for half a book and then reveal. The fact that this crucial information is in the first section of the first chapter pays testament to this.

Chapter 3 poses the question ‘Is it ever too late? Should you move on instead?’ and discusses some of the misconceptions around getting your ex back in terms of time frames. It explain how late is too late (the answer is basically never) and discusses the situation specific pros and cons of moving on instead of going through the effort of getting your ex back. As I explained earlier, this stuff isn’t for everyone, and Ryan Rivers isn’t shy to admit that some people are better off just moving on, especially in certain situations he explains.

Chapter 4 and 5 explain the real reason our partners lose interest in relationships and break-ups, and delves into the four stages of a break up, namely: Bliss; Switch; Drift; and Deaths Door. These four stages are integral to the program, and knowing which one you are currently in is the key to approaching your ex in the most effective way. This section is really important to read and think about, as it is reffered to often in the rest of the book and will dictate how you approach getting your ex back.

Chapter 6 and 7 deals with how to find out how your partner really feels about you and discusses your ideal mindset moving forward. As noted earlier, it can be difficult to ascertain what your ex is thinking and how they feel when there is minimal contact between you. Ryan Rivers explain effective and almost stealth ways to find out how they are feeling without giving up your strength or looking needy. This is pure gold and helps clear some of the confusion. The first eBook end with a discussion about mindset, how it will affect your relationship going forward, and according to which stage you are in what the best mindset to approach your ex with is going forward in getting them back.

The first book in its entirety helps one to focus their efforts and gives you a clear path forward of understanding in which you can approach getting your partner back. It is intended as a foundation for which to base the more concrete and practical information within steps 2 & 3.


Step 2: Perfect Planning & Reaching Out to Rewind

The second eBook, which is Step 2 of the Relationship Rewind system deals with perfect planning and reaching out to rewind. This is where the practical hands on training begins. As you read you are expected to follow, relate it to your unique situation and plan your moves forward according to the advice given. This is some rock hard advice in this book, and so its important that you have a pen and paper when you’re going through it so you can jot down things to do, say, and approach situations with.

Chapter 1 and 2 discusses the importance of communication and reaching out and the best contact methods to do so with in each situation. Rivers here discusses each contact method and how to most effectively and brilliantly use each to get your ex thinking about you and wanting to speak to you. Here he discusses face-to-face; phone; instant messaging; text messaging; and email. He explains what’s appropriate on each contact method, and what to absolutely never do on each. He also explain why reaching out is so important, and why doing it in a specific and planned manner will help you not come off as desperate or needy.

In chapter 3 the book delves into the specific techniques that are best for each stage of a break up. Here’s where you remember what stage you chose in the first eBook and carefully apply the given techniques to your situation. For each, Bliss, Switch, Drift, and Deaths Door there are specific contact methods, things to say, and techniques that work best. Mismatching, as he explains, could potentially be fatal for getting back together, and so it is important that one heads this advice carefully.

Chapter 4 explains how to get your partner in person, how to get the feeling ‘I miss you’, making it your partners idea to hang out, and the power of the friend zone. This chapter goes step by step into arguably the most important part of getting your ex back: actually seeing them in person. Its important to frame your meeting in the right way, so it doesn’t seem like old friends, or it isn’t awkward. This chapter speaks of framing and techniques that will ensure that the meeting leads to a rekindling.

Chapter 5 and 6 explain some of the more difficult situations, namely what to do if your partner is involved with someone else and how to approach long distance relationships. These chapters are exceptionally useful for specific cases in which either of these two factors apply. The including of these matters shows the authors intent to cover all bases and I’m sure will be appreciated by guys who are facing complex dynamics within their break-ups.

Chapter 7, the last chapter of the book, finally explains how to prepare for face-to-face contact and specific tips for that first contact. It speaks about hygiene, socializing with members of the opposite sex, confidence and relaxation. This section is meant to prepare you both physically and mentally for the meet up. The chapter ends with a workbook exercise comprising of 5 questions that aims to self asses whether you are ready and fully prepared for face-to-face contact. If you nail all 5, you’ll know you ready.


Step 3: Back to Bliss & Your Total Control Time Machine

Step 3 is the final eBook and final step of the Relationship Rewind program. Here he explains step by step how to get back to the ‘Bliss’ stage of your former relationship through in contact meet-ups and specialty framing techniques, how to perfectly manage face-to-face engagement and how to plan the perfect date.

Chapter 1 discusses the ultimate goal of your in-personal meeting and how to meet this goal without sacrificing any of your status or relational power. Rivers explain carefully how one must consider and reach the ultimate goal of getting your ex back.

Chapter 2 and 3 discusses understanding and planning the perfect date. Once your ex has agreed to an in person meet up, it is part of the system that one must approach the situation with a perfect date mentality in order to rekindle the emotions that once were and bring your ex back into the old frame of your relationship. Here Rivers explain at each stage what your intention and approach should be to the date, in specific he talks about the ‘Switcheroo’, the ‘perfect date’, how to ‘solidify friendship’, how to create ‘scarcity’, and how to prove transformation.

It is explained at this point that you are in the drivers seat in your relationship and now you must put what has been taught into practice and drive your ex back into your life. Step 3 ends with some solid round-up advice and ensures you that you are now more than capable of getting your ex back. Through the four books you should have at this point gained an in-depth understanding into the dynamics of break ups, and the mental models of ex boyfriends and girlfriends.

Summary and Does it Work?

In summary, the four book provide a solid foundation from which to approach your ex partner in attempt to get them back. Ryan Rivers covers most bases and provides a simple, honest, and revealing step-by-step program. In going through the program, one may feel that certain elements do not apply to them, but it is my belief that the program is intentionally built to cover enough aspects so it applies to everyone. I remember going through the program the first time and having dozens of Aha! moments. The book’s depth is impressive, and it really helps give you a glimpse into the psychological workings of relationships and break-ups.

So does it work? Here I am two years later writing a review, and, well, im actually not with her any more. Huh? You weren’t expecting that were you? Well let me explain. I followed the program and I got her back. It works just as it promises (almost too well actually) and we dated for about another year. The year we dated after we got back together was by miles the best part of our entire relationship. The energy was back, we had both forgiven each other fully and the sex was incredible, like we were 18 again. In that year we were together, we hardly ever bickered or fought, our relationship never ever felt unstable and we were the happiest we had ever been together. What transpired was a beautiful and mature relationship built on mutual trust, love and understanding. So what went wrong? Well, nothing. I was offered an opportunity overseas and I took it. We ended on insanely good terms. We still speak often, and we’re going to see what happens when I get back.

I cant thank Ryan Rivers and Relationship Rewind enough. I was broken at a point and the whole getting back together thing has helped me grow as a person so much. Lets move onto pros & cons.



  • Clear, concise step by step program
  • Gives actuall techniques to use and not just theory
  • Not too long, can be read in one night
  • Insightful, applicable, approachable
  • Real world examples and sensible advice
  • Doesn’t come off as creepy or needy
  • Focus on healthy aspects, such as trust and truth
  • Very reasonable priced



  • Some information that is only applicable to very specific situations
  • Doesn’t explain other options like “friends with benefits”
  • Not intended for those looking for a quick fix


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  1. I started with the program , I read it and some of the issues was quite similar to issues I faced during my break up. I identified which stage I’m in and applied accordingly , I used the texting technique provided in step 2 and my ex said it was wonderful to talk to me. I’m not sure if it will work ,but still in process in getting her face to face, but she also said ”yes” to that. So I have good feeling about the program.
    GREAT REVIEW ,sounds pure and honest.

  2. Great to see a review written so honestly. Thanks for the info, I’m going to try purchase this program and see if I can get my ex back. Wish me luck!

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