Honest Review of Silent Seduction by Manish Leone

Silent Seduction by Manish Leone
  • Implementation - 71%
  • Effectiveness - 83%
  • Value for Money - 88%


Silent Seduction is a offering by Manish Leone AKA Magic of Gotham Dating Club. This system focuses on body language, body touch, and mystery (silence) as key methods to seduction. It is suitable for people early on their journey towards complete sexual confidence and is sure to give you a major boost in sexual direction. All in all, solid book, solid advice, hard hitting truths and pretty unique take on dating and sexuality.

80.7 %

Silent Seduction



  1. Silent Seduction Speed Guide
  2. Pleasure Map
  3. Underground Hookup Hotspots
  4. Sex Cave Blueprint
  5. 27 Signs She Wants to Fuck
  6. 3X Threesome System
  7. High Performance Sex System
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