5 Ways to Effectively Tease a Girl You Like

Don’t be afraid to tease a girl.

Whether you want to challenge a girl on her beliefs, show that you have boundaries, or just make her laugh: teasing is a key way you shift the interaction from being friendly to having sexual energy.

Don’t tease at all, make her feel comfortable and you will wind up being ‘just friends.’ Sure you need to make a woman feel a degree of comfort in your company: but what amazingly passionate relationships do you know where both the guy and the girl were super relaxed with one another? Exactly.

1. Use old school insults:

Girls love to be teased. You don’t want to say anything ‘nasty’ but you can use ‘old school’ teases, nicknames and insults to create an element of fun. Think of it as a textual version of push-pull: if all your texts are too soppy this does nothing to create attraction. In fact some people really enjoy being treated mean . . . and kept keen:

Loser 😉

2. Move her through emotions:

You’re worried if you send that message that you’ll over step the mark? Well, think of the tease as your ‘push’ then if she seems upset (which she shouldn’t be: being called a ‘loser’ is playful) then you can ‘pull’ her back in by teasing texts designed to make her smile.

Moving women through a range of emotions is good: no one’s heart ever beat faster over a guy that just made them feel ‘meh’. Real romance involves a good smattering of heart ache, highs and lows: so start incorporating this into your text interactions.

If you over step the mark use a cute or funny picture you think she’d be into (a pair of ‘hugging’ pugs works great on me) to keep prompting her to smile:

Still angry? *attach cute picture* Still angry? *attach cute picture*

3. Set boundaries

Teases can have a serious function too. If a girl has done something to tick you off; or that you would consider being unacceptable behaviour you don’t want to overreact. Especially if it’s a first time offence. This will only serve to make you seem emotionally volatile; and that you care a lot more about her, than she does about you.

Instead you can use a tease to suggest what qualities you’re looking for, and what behaviour you want . . . without coming across like a jerk:

You do know I think punctuality is the sexiest quality a girl can have 😉

4. Express disbelief

Super simple tease: choose to disbelieve something she says. Pretty women are used to having guys blindly agreeing with a lot of what they say. A really simple way to show that you’re ‘not like the other guys’ is by giving an unexpected answer to something that she’s said.

Instead of commenting ‘oh wow’ to her telling you that she’s actually a dancer in her spare time: saying you’re not sure you believe her& that she looked pretty clumsy to you . . . is going to be a much less expected response.

And remember as soon as she starts explaining herself to you— you’re already in a position of strength:

I just don’t think I should believe girls who ALWAYS GO TO TIGER TIGER BAR

5. She IS into you

An oldie but a goodie in terms of how you should choose to interpret a situation (because you always have a choice in this).

Choosing to interpret everything as a sign that a girl is super into you can be a really fun idea. By being nonchalant in the face of any bitchy behaviour, and gently teasing her attempts to tease you, or be mean; is a great way of saying ‘do your best, I’m self assured enough to take it.’

Show a girl has hurt your feelings and you appear weak. Instead use a combination of teasing her and giving her space to show where your boundaries lie. Smile calmly when under pressure and know that you can handle whatever she throws at you:

I think it’s cute when you ignore me . . . is someone trying to make a point?

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