How to Be Attractive to Women: The Science of Making Her Want You

Where There’s A Need… There’s A Way

Attraction ISN’T based on logical reasoning. We can’t choose who we’ll feel attracted to and we can’t choose who we’ll fall in love with.

The perfect example: although settling down and having kids with a nice guy may be “the right thing to do” for a woman, she’ll fall madly in love with a bad boy instead…

Even if he is abusive, not around the most of the time, unfaithful, and has more freaking drugs and alcohol than blood in his blood!

Whether we hate it and try to prevent it or not, attraction is a feeling based on irrational emotions… and triggered by certain fitness indicators that increase our value for the opposite sex.

And that’s DESPITE of what they may think is best for them (like a rich guy, a guy from the same culture, and all that other wish list, knight in shiny armor type crap).

In fact, most of the time women WON’T BE ABLE TO TELL YOU WHAT THEY WANT because when you talk about attraction, you’re talking about an age old sexual selection instinct that only takes place on a subconscious level.

And it isn’t like people are conscious of what takes place on a subconscious level, that’s why it’s called SUB… conscious: below consciousness.

But do you understand what this means?

That you should NEVER pay much attention to what a woman says, not even to what a woman thinks… because all that matters is how a woman feels, so if you push the right buttons to create attraction… the buttons that spark that chemistry and sexual tension.

And that takes me back, because I’ve met a lot of women who were angry at first because of my “sexual aggression”… but who later ended up sleeping with me because what they said was very different from what they felt. Push the right buttons and a woman can’t help but feel attracted, even if she’s not looking for a man, has a boyfriend, or initially rejected you.

Whether your goal is social success or dating success, or even success career wise, if there’s a need… then people will be attracted to you if you can fulfill that need.

Women who are happy with everything they have, are, and do can’t be seduced… but almost no one is perfectly content with the life they’re living.

And that means… that EVERYONE can be seduced, because the only thing you need to know is how you can add value to their lives. If you fulfill their needs, they’ll fulfill yours.

An example of a psychological need: most women never get to GO somewhere interesting, MEET someone interesting, or DO something interesting. They’re caught in a serious trap: everyday life with all its mind numbing routines and obligations.

Have to pay the bills, have to pay the rent, have to do grocery shopping so I can eat, have to brush my teeth, have to go to the workplace and do the tasks of my almost meaningless feeling job… not only women, but 99% of the population, is totally BORED.

People are looking for an ESCAPE from this boring ass lifestyle… which is exactly why movies, TV, music and so forth are so popular: they provide a temporary escape from the daily dullness.

And guess what? If you can BE the escape you’ll attract more women than the number of bees that are attracted to honey. GO somewhere with them they (almost) never went, DO something with them they don’t usually do, BE the adventure for them.

If you’re living a lifestyle that’s exciting and far from ordinary, you’ll be a woman’s escape from the daily routines. It’s exactly why women go absolutely crazy over celebrities, because they think they live a super exciting lifestyle.

Scientists did a research project during the 70s where they looked at what single quality attracted the most women to a guy. It wasn’t looks, money, or social status… but the level of novelty seeking.

Let me repeat that: the guys who were the most successful with women where the guys that did unordinary stuff, went to unordinary places and said unordinary stuff… because they provided the biggest and best escape from daily life!

And all of a sudden, achieving consistent and massive success becomes a matter of changing your lifestyle as well, wouldn’t you agree?

The Origins Of The Battle Of The Sexes

The most important thing to remember about what attraction is though, is that women and men are fundamentally different: they’re NOT attracted to the same things… but most men think they are.

I call this “Attraction Circuitry Projection.”

Men are visual creatures: we’re attracted to materialistic things, physique, beauty, youth… and as such we think women are attracted to external things as well. Looks, money, status, fast cars, big houses… we think that’s what they want because WE’RE attracted to it.

Meanwhile, women are emotional creatures that are attracted to internal things like personality and charisma… character traits, humor, and how you make them feel. Because they’re attracted to it, they think we’re attracted to it too.

The result: both sexes end up feeling pretty damn disappointed because they do the WRONG things to attract each other! It’s what the entire “battle of the sexes” is about my friend.

Now don’t get me wrong here, women ARE attracted to looks and men ARE attracted to personality to a certain degree…

But that’s only 10% of someone’s success with them at best, the other 90% is looks and youth to men and personality and charisma to women.

In short: women AREN’T attracted to your Ferrari or to pretty boy looks, and after reading the next couple of pages you’ll get more than enough proof to make you see the brutal truth behind attraction.

But I first want you to realize just how deep the rabbit hole goes, because you’ve been raised with the belief that materialistic crap is the way to go.

It’s called capitalism my friend. Like it or not, but men (and women too) are taught that women want flowers, candy, to be taken to a fancy restaurant on a date, and so on.

As such, men give women all that stuff on a first date and especially on Valentine’s Day. The flower shop keepers, restaurant owners, and so forth make a nice little profit.

Meanwhile, we already know that women are attracted to personality and charisma. The result: you’ll come across like you’re trying to buy a woman’s approval. That you’re trying to make her like you with gifts.

Hell, women see it as “there’s something wrong with him and he’s making up for it with these gifts. Because why else would he give them to make me like him?”

In short: all these gifts don’t work, but men and women are taught that women are supposed to get gifts because teaching them this is good for the economy.

Juicy secret: look it up on the internet some time, how Valentine’s Day came to be. It exists because it’s marketable. That’s it.

The rabbit hole of making men believe that women like materialistic stuff goes even deeper, but I think I made my point here: women like personality and charisma.


What Makes Bad Boys So Attractive?

Being unordinary equals being unpredictable, because you do stuff that no one’s doing… and being unpredictable is the KEY to why bad boys are so attractive to women.

Why? Because bad boys are FULL of contradictions:

– He is the dangerous, extremely confident man who doesn’t give a crap about society, rules, or any form of authority and is full of adventure… BUT he’s also the small, innocent boy in a big man’s body that needs saving in a moment of weakness because he can’t help himself

– He’s the perfect escape from boring everyday life filled with its routines, nagging and obligations BUT the escape is only temporarily, sooner or later a woman knows that her heart will be broken, and she accepts… because he was only an escape, he “doesn’t count”

– When a bad boy is with a woman, he lives in the moment, and makes love to her like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do: raw, passionate sex and always making her feel so very CLOSE to him… BUT there are also the times he vanishes into thin air, nowhere to be seen, and nothing to be heard. Who knows if the rebel in him will ever want to come back to you…

– When you’re with him as a woman, he’s oh so sweet and caring BUT when you disagree or argue with him? He’s stone cold, harsh, full of criticism and downright abusive to women

– If you pay close attention to his posture, his gestures, how he moves and his entire body language? Nothing seems more natural, and in control than he does… superbly dominant over his surroundings BUT get him angry and he loses all that control, he turns into a living hell…

But how can you start being as attractive as a bad boy without becoming an abusive drug addict? Good question!

It’s using a bad boy’s traits to your own advantage.


The Four Bad Boy Traits That Always Attract Women

The first one is Being Close versus Being Far Away. Why does being really close to her at one moment and being unreachable to her the next moment work so well?

The moments you’re not there make the moments you were intimate with her that much better. Think about it: if you’re there every day, then every day is an 8 to her on a scale from 1-10.

Now imagine you’re gone for a day and she has WAY less fun, her day was like a 2 or something. The difference between day 1 when you’re there and day 2 when you’re gone is HUGE, so gosh… would she value the days you’re there more?


Even if you haven’t been on a date with her you can use this to your advantage: have large amounts of fun with her on day 1 and do something else without talking to her on day 2 and I can guarantee you that she’ll come asking for more the next day by texting, calling or trying to see you… SHE’LL CHASE YOU.

And once she has noticed that she has way more fun and is happier when you’re around than when you’re gone, you’re in for a treat! It’s the economy at work really:

if there is more demand than there are supplies, the value goes up… in this case YOUR value goes up. So don’t be around every freaking day and try to talk to her every day because then there are more supplies than there is demand, and just like with the economy your values drops until your worthless.

And most men wonder why women don’t feel attraction anymore, it’s because of what I just explained.

That doesn’t mean women are evil demons that come from the depths of hells, or that the world is satanic, it’s simply a matter of if you give someone too much… they get spoiled.

I know from experience that being gone more than being there DOUBLES the attraction, becomes she’ll have to make an effort of keeping you around… you’re a challenge. She’ll have to work for you, chase you around.

Does that make you more attractive than 9 out of 10 guys? YES, because a woman almost NEVER has to chase, so the one she has to chase is the most interesting guy to her…

Here are some examples of using this contradiction:

– Approach a woman in a club or bar, leave, and come back later on. Nothing displays confidence more than being willing to leave. And the effect of being gone? Well, see above for why this works dummy!

– Women have stuff to do, they actually have a life, but they enjoy talking to you. So quite often they’ll talk with you although they have stuff to do, and insisting she goes ahead and does it and that you won’t talk anymore until she has done it… it will make you come across like you’re a 100% NOT desperate, and again it gives her the gift of missing you. Btw: this works every time a woman can choose between doing something with you and doing something else.

– Got her phone number? Send some text messages back and forth the next day and start teasing her, getting to know her more, etc. do the same thing the next day, but don’t do anything or reply to anything on day 3.

Works with emails, MSN Messenger or Yahoo messenger, with text messages and with calling her. It always works: the next day she’ll approach YOU first (just wait and see).

– Always be the first one to leave, hang up, and go offline and always be the one who has less time to spend with a woman than she can spend with you.

Don’t even start with “but won’t I lie to her then?” No, because even if you have no friends to see… then just enjoy yourself with a movie, a game, a book. Whatever. Enjoy yourself WITHOUT her.

And also don’t give me the “won’t I hurt her feelings then?” No, because she will enjoy the times you are there WAY more, she’ll enjoy your company WAY more… so you’re actually doing her a favor.

Technique #5: use Being Close – Being Distant to your advantage. Not only will it make a woman want you more and chase YOU around, it will also make sure you don’t become a desperate little wussy who just HAS to hear from her today… which is a HUGE turn off.

Next up: the contradiction of Being A Pain versus Being A Pleasure. Let me get this straight: being a pain doesn’t mean hurting her feelings, bitchslapping her, and so on. Allow me to explain…

Most men are yes men with the women they’re interested in. She: “Do I look fat in these jeans?”
You: “No honey, it looks good on you!”

They ALWAYS try to please a woman, but you can bet your ass that if you reply in the way you did above that she said something along the lines of “You’re only saying that because you love me!” Am I right?

My point exactly. If you continually nod yes, agree with everything, and always aim to please? Then you’re not being yourself… you’re FORGETTING yourself, and a woman will lose respect for you and interest in you. You’ll be extremely predictable.

To prevent that, Being A Pain is perfect… because it keeps her on edge. You simply disagree, say no, tell her the truth, or you’re selective about what she likes or wants to do. It’s best if I show you some examples:

She: “Michael Jackson is a hero!”

You: “Well, he’s a good artist… but heroes aren’t accused of being pedophiles honey.”

She: “I want to go to the mall today…”
You: “I don’t, I’d rather go to the beach with you.” She: “Do me! I want to have sex with you right now!” You: “No, you’ll have to work for it.”

Did I just say you should refuse horny women? YES, at first! Why? Because women are used to men giving in immediately when they’re horny, that men will be all over them once they say or hint at something like that.

But guess what makes her want you even more? What creates attraction even more? That she’ll have to WORK FOR IT.

In fact, making women work for it always works because the more time and energy they’ll have to invest in you, the more value you’ll be to her. It’s called Investing.

She: “Can you help me with my homework?” You: “That depends… what do I get in return?”

Funny thing is: you can almost ask for anything in return. If you just met her, a kiss on the cheek will do. If you’re on a date, demand two kisses. If you’re about to have sex, demand a full body massage first. Are you catching my drift here?

Technique #6: Use Being A Pain versus Being A Pleasure by making her work for everything most of the time, and sometimes agreeing with her.

You know Darwin? The guy that “invented” evolution theory? He was a genius, because the man brought us sexual selection: that females of any species prefer certain traits in men over other ones, and mate with the male who displays the most of a certain trait.

They did a study with peacocks once, where they had 2 peacock males and several female peacocks. They put a fake, female peacock next to 1 male and the other was left alone. Guess which male peacock the females chose? The one that already had a woman!

That’s why you usually get WAY more attention from women when you’re walking around with another woman, because there’s nothing that signals good genes, knowing what women want and so forth… than already having a woman.

This is called “Pre-Selection”, or put in simpler words: the effects of jealousy.

And here’s a juicy secret: most men are scared shitless of being seen as players, of having a reputation as a ladies man, a womanizer… while it actually is the biggest proof of pre-selection EVER!

Other women will think:

– If you already had so many women, then they’re must be something about you that is so seductive, so good…

– If you showed interest in those women, but not in me… then what’s wrong with me? Am I not an attractive woman? Am I “not good enough”?

I’m all woman and I’m an attractive woman so you HAVE to be interested in me because you want to be with all attractive women…

And this makes women curious to find out what is so attractive about you, and eager to prove that they’re just as much of a woman as the women before them. Plus, knowing they have competition makes women fight that much harder for you (and over you!)


So here’s what you do.

Befriend the women that don’t have a sexual interest in you, and hang out with them. Then as soon as you meet a woman you want to be with and she asks you about your weekend, you’ll tell her about how you had so much fun with a female friend…

Better yet: get your new female friend to introduce you to HER female friends, but nothing says “pre-selection” more than being introduced by an attractive woman. That’s the power of meeting women through your social circle right there: pre-selection!

Technique #7: start using pre-selection already! Mentioning other women’s names on your Facebook profile, having photos of you and a female friend on MSN Messenger, when they ask what you’re going to do this weekend you’re obviously hanging out with your female friends, etc.

I touched on the subject of fulfilling a woman’s psychological needs before and I know…

It sounds really complicated, it can’t be pulled off when you just got to know a woman and – insert lame excuse #3 here – right?


To give you an example: when I first met my girlfriend, I asked her what she wanted to be when she was a little girl. First of all it’s fun to talk about for her because no one ever asks that, and it’s useful for me as you’re about to see…

She told me she wanted to be an actress most of her youth but never had the chance or the guts to do it. What did I do?

I got her a book about acting that all the greats used to learn how to act AND to land an acting job… and she couldn’t be happier. We went all the way on the first date.

Here’s another one: one of my students, Tom, met a girl who had always wanted to be a singer. She told him after he asked for her long lost ambitions.

So on his second date with her he took her to one of his friends, a producer who needed some female vocals, and he let her record the crap out of that day. Guess how she repaid him? I think you already know 😉

The KEY to discovering a woman’s secret psychological needs, are her long lost ambitions.

When we’re young we’re full of energy and ambition and dream about doing or being something, but as we grow older we become disillusioned and never end up doing it… and those ambitions of ours become shattered dreams.

All you have to do is find out what HER long lost ambition is, her shattered dream, and help her live that dream… even if it’s only for a day.

There isn’t any other way for a woman to feel so much respect and attraction for you than this technique right here… because you just fulfilled a need NO ONE has ever fulfilled, plus by doing it you showed a genuine interest in her.

Women aren’t attracted to guys who randomly pick up women, they’re attracted to men with a genuine interest in them.

To discover her lost ambitions, you can ask her what she wanted to be or do later on when she was young… or ask her to imagine that if anything was possible right now, what would she be or do? And there you go!

You don’t need 10 dates for date bro, but one GOOD conversation… and she’ll come back and back to you because nothing is more attractive than fulfilling someone’s secret needs. Same goes for building a social circle btw, but the obvious difference is that you don’t sleep with them.

But WAIT – there’s more…

Next to helping her live out her ambitions of the past, there’s also something called the present buddy… and we’re living in it. To cut right to the chase: everyone has something or someone they’re totally crazy about.

Me? I’m a total basketball junkie, but a woman could be totally into Italy, gangster movies, and so forth… or be crazy about horses, or cats.

Put a little thought into it and you can easily find out what a woman’s ultimate fantasy is: a man who likes the same things she does so she can do them all the time… or, even better… a man who IS what she likes so she can do HIM all the time!

If this sounds difficult, here’s a simple example:

My ex was totally crazy about salsa, Spain and everything that has to do with the whole latino culture… so what did I do?

I catered to her fantasy: instead of baby, I called her mami or bonita or mi corazon… instead of “yes” I said si, instead of going to some r&b venue on Friday, I took her to a salsa night.

When driving the car, salsa or reggaeton was the only music being played. I connected everything I did and said to Spain so she started associating all the good feelings she has always felt about the Latin culture with ME. You won’t believe how fast she wanted a second and a third date.

My girlfriend, mobster movie junkie, loves to eat pasta, loves Italy. So what did I do? On the first date, I showed up in a suit…

We ate together (had her make pasta with my instructions), I talked about my adventures during vacations in Italy, I used typical Italian slang, and we watched “Goodfellas” at the end of the date.

Why do this? Don’t make me remind you of the economy my friend: you simple give women what they want, because THAT’S the most valuable to them and thus what they’ll be attracted to the most. You are who they want you to be 

“Yeah but that’ll cost me a whole lot of time and energy to pull off…”

Are you crazy? Do you know how many women have a thing for mobsters, gangster movies, etc.? They’re bad boys, and almost every woman is attracted to bad boys…

And take women with a traditional culture who were brought up in a very strict environment: religious women, women from the Middle East, women from India/Pakistan etc. Because they’ve been limited in everything they could do, say, and think so much… guess what their ultimate fantasy is? Freedom, adventure, risk…

And with women from these traditional cultures, mostly with women from the Middle East or Hindu women, they’re brought up with a sense of how social status is super important, they have to marry well so the family will benefit, and bla bla.

Catering to it: showing you have an above average interest in the Islam or Hinduism, showing up in a suit for a date, wearing jewelry. Funny thing is that every time I’m walking around in a suit, the interest coming from Middle Eastern and Hindu women DOUBLES.

And you don’t even have to make it an expensive thing: when it’s cold, people wear a shawl… if you’re going for Middle Eastern women, then why not wear an Arafat like shawl? Costs 10 bucks if it’s not less then that, and you’ll get interest exactly from your type of woman.

Go on vacation on a country that’s poorer than yours and women will be all over you, because in their eyes you’re their escape… they have the fantasy that you can give them the lifestyle that they want.

Do you know a woman who’s father died when she was really young or who ran away from his responsibility?

There are many women out there that unfortunately come from a background like that, and all they’ve wanted all their lives is a father figure. A father figure is extremely dominant, but also a protector of loved ones, he’s wise but he can also be very strict and picky.

Display these traits more than any other one and she’ll be attracted to you because she’s subconsciously drawn to it, in fact, did you know that most women usually end up with a guy who closely resembles their father (in personality and charisma) and men do the same but with a woman who closely resembles their mother?

I rest my case: catering to a woman’s fantasy is easy, it works, and it’s way more effective than anything else because you fulfill needs that no one could… up until YOU showed up.

It’s also way easier to meet and date your type of woman, because you’re catering to it with your Arafat shawl for example.

I have a thing for Middle Eastern women so hey… that shawl is what I used and it worked like a charm!

The easiest fantasy in the book that bad boys have been using since the beginning of time, is that they’re the perfect escape from everyday life boredom, from the annoying daily routines and obligations.

Cater to a woman’s fantasy and work on being her escape just like bad boys do… and you will more than double your dating.

Technique #8: find and fulfill her long lost ambitions and her fantasies. It’s easy, extremely effective to do so, and works with all women.

Not only that, it will teach you so much about women that you can practically throw this ebook away if all you learn from it is how to cater to lost ambitions and female fantasies.

And if you want to know more about fulfilling needs, long lost ambitions, and secret fantasies then I highly recommend you read The Art of Seduction, a book by Robert Greene.

He originally gave me the idea, I just put it into practice and made it work… work really, really well.

What Women Want

Isn’t that what every guy on the planet wants to know? And let me get this straight:

I won’t pretend like I have ALL the answers, but I can certainly point you in the right direction because I’ve read pretty much every book about psychology and evolution that’s out there.

By now you already got some clues about what women want… personality and charisma, but what kind of personality does that mean?

Most women will tell you to “just be yourself”, and most men are annoyed when they say that… while there’s so much truth in it. It’s just that women don’t know how to explain it.

What does the vast majority of men out there do? They shower a woman with compliments, gifts, expensive diners, chocolate, roses, and so on… thinking that it’ll make a woman like them.

The only thing you’ll be doing when you try it this way is coming across like you’re trying to BUY her approval… but attraction isn’t a choice and woman can’t say “yeah I’ve had enough flowers now, I think I’ll love him from now on.”

Idiots. They don’t listen to women when they tell them to just be themselves. You probably think you ARE being yourself when you do stuff like this, but let me ask you:

Do you give flowers to your male friends to get their approval? Do you

shower them with compliments, gifts, and food to make them like you? No you don’t, so you’re not being yourself when you do that with women!

The sad part is that the things that instantly create attraction can be found in all of us:

They’re basic instincts that ensure the survival of our species.

There are character traits that create attraction and display that your genes have a high chance of survival and if no man would have these traits while women look for them, our species would become extinct.

These character traits are:

– Being unpredictable
– Being a novelty-seeker/risk taker
– Being a “socializer” (someone with a large social circle) – Being a playful teaser
– Being a protector of loved ones
– Being selective (being picky)
– Being indifferent – Being dominant – Being mysterious – Being confident

Don’t even start the “I don’t want to pretend like I’m someone else” crap, because the brutal truth is that up until now you probably HAVEN’T been yourself because you haven’t been using what’s passed down through generations, your basic instincts…

The things you’ve been carrying around all along but just didn’t develop.

Fun little side note: we only use 10% of what our brains are capable of, so are you pretending to be someone else when you use the other 90%? No… you’re only trying to reach your full potential.

But the big question becomes: WHY are these character traits that I mentioned before attractive to women?

The Character Traits That Create Tons Of Attraction

We already covered being unpredictable and being a novelty seeker, so let’s move on to Being A Socializer.

Thousands of years ago when we only just began to come together and live in cities, resources like food, clothing, and money were still limited. WAY more limited than today where you can get products from Brazil and from Spain in the same store: bananas and orange apples.

Because resources were scarce, having connections meant having more access to more resources. As such, being a socializer who easily made connections within the city and outside of it meant having genes with a higher chance of survival than someone who greets who he knows and that’s it.

It also meant that socializers over time would develop the connections to trade thing A for thing B when they needed it, so they could even get access to resources that weren’t available to them nearby.

It’s how trade, commerce, and the economy started: trading something you have plenty of for something you need but don’t have.

Having a large and/or high quality social circle had several other advantages for men as well: knowing more people meant having access to more potential mates via a friend, and it also meant that if a socializer would befriend a more successful guy that person’s success would rub off on him. Why?

Because people are much like sheeople: they have a tendency to follow the herd, and if the herd so happens to be more successful than you are?

You start copying what they do, and end up being more successful yourself because of it. So by knowing the right guys, the chances of survival for a socializer would become even higher.

That’s why women started sexually preferring men with connections, socializers, people with social status: if they would mate with them, they had a higher chance of survival as well and so would their offspring.

Over time this turned into the more social someone was, the more attractive he was to women.

Do you see now why the cutest chick in college wanted to be with the most popular guy, just like the rest of the women? Access to a larger social and that’s it.

THAT’S why being very social creates attraction.

Technique #9: build your social circle. Befriend the women that don’t have a sexual interest in you, because it’s like Dale Carnegie says in his famous book How To Win Friends & Influence People: everyone is your master in some area.

That means you can learn from everyone, so there are no enemies… only friends and people you haven’t befriended yet.

Being A Playful Teaser. It’s my favorite character trait: they don’t call me Dennis The Menace for nothing. Why is teasing women so attractive?

Since the beginning of time men have chased women.

Men have been the hunters… and by playfully teasing women you show them that you’re not impressed with their looks, that they have to bring more to the table!

It means they’ll know they have to make an effort of getting you, which is way more interesting than the 9 out of 10 guys who practically offer themselves to a woman on a silver platter… no effort needed.

And I don’t know if you remembered Attraction Circuitry Projection, but it’s a process where women believe men are attracted to the same thing as they are and vice versa. With women that means they think men are attracted to personality and charisma.

By teasing a beautiful woman other men would suck up to because she’s so pretty, you cater to the Projection:

You display an attitude of who cares if you’re pretty, what else do you have to offer? And after looks comes personality, so women will assume you’re attracted to personality and charisma just like they are… making you the one man that doesn’t disappoint them!

So how do you playfully tease a woman then?

1) Exaggerate – if she’s shorter than you are, she’s a midget. If she’s longer than you are, she must be a famous NBA basketball player. If she has a big but, you call her J. Lo. If a really fat woman walks by, you tell the woman you’re talking to that she needs to watch out for Free Willy.

Other examples: if she says she’s tired, you accuse her of being a zombie, and she denies, you tell her she’s lying and that ALL the damn zombie movies in the world combined don’t have SH*T on HER! I think you get the point.

2) Tell her what she doesn’t want to hear – smart academic like chicks are dumb blondes and mongoloids, dumb chicks are brain surgeons, athletic sporty women are outrageously fat or have love handles, tall women are midgets, midgets are giants, fashionable women are fashion crimes, the small purse a woman carries around looks like a body bag, etc.

3) Imitate – if she says she hates a certain girl you go “I mean oh…my…GOD… she is like suuuuuch a bitch. Whateverrrrr.”

Key word here: think how a gay guy would say it and make sure she knows you’re pretending to be her. And if there are two objects lying around, two glasses or a phone and a pack of cigarettes doesn’t matter… pick them up and pretend like one of them is her:

“Hi my name is Linda and I’m sooo stuck up, a total brat! What’s your name?” and then the other one is you: the overly masculine Rambo wannabe. Also seriously funny: watch how Cartmen from Southpark does it. As soon as someone complains he says: meh meh meh meh with a really childish voice. Use it!

4) Nickname the crap out of her – if she so happened to be wearing a lot of red, call her “bull detector”, “bloody Mary”, “communist” and so on and stick with it, mention it later during the conversation by asking: “so what are you going to do tonight, communist?” If she wears blue, call her a Crip, a sea lover, sea world junkie, etc. White? Klu klux klan! Black? Satanist! Witch! Goth chick!

Need I say more? Nicknames are what close friends give to each other so by giving her nicknames and using them constantly, you create a connection with her because only you two know how she got the name.

5) Anything she says is a sexual hint – anything long, thick or hard? Guilty! Anything that has to do with balls, sausages, sticks, wood, poles, lips, bed, sleep, plastic and so forth? Guilty!

Accuse her of being a nymfo, of being a super freak, of only wanting to take advantage of you while she could at least take you out to dinner first, etc. Key word: role reversal! If she gets a drink, accuse her of trying to get you drunk so she can take advantage of you. If she gives you a compliment? Tell her she only said it because she wants to get you in bed. You get the picture.

Technique #10: start playfully teasing everyone. If you don’t have a sense of humor (yet), you better get some in-field inexperience then dude! I’m talking man, woman, and child… tease them all. Start seeing women as your spoiled, bratty little sister and you’ll know how far you can go.

Moving on…

Being A Protector Of Loved Ones is easy to explain: the men who protected their wife and their children the best in earlier times, had the highest chance of survival… so women sexually preferred men who could protect their loved ones the best.

In modern days it’s a loss let obvious though because we usually don’t throw a spear at someone else anymore, unless you’re a serial killer off course.

These days it’s all about showing that you stand up for your friends and family and telling her about it whenever the opportunity presents itself… that you tell her about what you did to save their asses.

Another way is developing a bit of a “mobster persona” as I call it. For example:

She had a presentation at work, her boss criticized her, and she just told you that he was being unfair, then you can come across like the protector of loved ones by saying:

“What!? Your boss treated you in an unfair way? Do you want me to go and have a “friendly” word with him? Because no one can treat you in an unfair way but me!”

It may remind you of territorial gorillas, but in all fairness, being territorial is attractive to women because again: the one who protected his turf the best had the highest chances of survival in earlier times… and besides, you’re never visiting her boss but just showing you’re willing and able.

Technique #11: start being the protector of loved ones. If someone treated her unfairly or if she despises someone, throw your “mobster persona” on the table. Be territorial whenever she’s around or when you’re talking to her and you’ll create HUGE amounts of attraction.

Being Picky… or being selective. Whatever you want to call it, if you don’t take everything for granted, are judgmental, not easily satisfied, say no whenever you want to, and let your opinion be heard as soon as she says, does, or wears something you don’t think is 100% okay? You’ll create attraction.

Just like with being a playful teaser, it shows a woman she’s going to make an effort of getting you, pleasing you, and keeping you. She’ll have to chase you and that’s way more attractive than a man who chases her.

There’s also some genetics involved though: when we were still living in tribes, the most selective men knew exactly what they wanted which allowed them to make quick decisions.

Quick decision making was very important back then, because when foreign invaders, natural disasters, or animals threatened the tribe? Action needed to be taken FAST and gosh… do you think knowing exactly what you want would make a difference? Yep! Again, higher chances of survival.

It’s the same for being confident btw: having confidence meant not second guessing decisions you made, which would definitely benefit the tribe when in danger… and that meant higher chances of survival.

There are also advantages to knowing what you want: scientists did a study where they sent two groups of people out on the streets of the same city, where one had to bring back anything they found on the pavements and roads… and where the other group had to bring back as many pennies as they could.

Guess which group found the most pennies? The second group…

Do you understand what this means? That the more selective you are, the more women that are “your type” you will find.

Technique #12: start being pickier. Disapprove, say no, disagree, be judgmental, and know better what you want and you’ll get more of what you want… duhhh.

And here’s the juicy secret: if you disapprove of something a woman says, does, or wears?

You’ll know when she’s interested the moment she either tries to qualify herself by denying or explaining herself after your disapproval. If she makes an effort of qualifying herself, then obviously your opinion of her matters wouldn’t you agree?

Next up: Being Indifferent. Being indifferent means not attaching ANY value to someone else’s opinions or actions, being in control of your emotions, and staying calm when most people would freak out.

But why does it create attraction?

First of all, if fewer things have an effect on you, it means a woman will need to work for you and by now you know that means she’ll be attracted.

Secondly, let’s go back to tribal times again: the guys who kept their heads cool and their emotions under control in a time of crisis were the ones that survived a crisis the best because they could think straight and act calmly. Higher chances of survival. Again evolution scores a point in the women & dating department.

Finally, if you’re indifferent then you simply don’t care or care less about the outcome of any event… and that means having the balls to take more risk and to go further with women than most men would. Obviously, this is a qood quality because you’re less desperate and get more result faster than everyone else.

The trick to becoming indifferent: reality is a subjective perception my friend, because YOU decide how you’re going to feel about 10 people killed in Afghanistan, a bad score for an exam, getting fired, etc.

Emotions come from within, which means they can be controlled, and since reality is what are opinions and beliefs about the world are… we can change reality by changing how we feel about things.

You can do this with an easy affirmation “I am responsible.” If you use this affirmation every time negative emotions are about to take over, you’ll gain more and more control over your emotions because you take more responsibility for them.

Here’s a simple metaphor for it:

When you go outside, do you get angry, upset, and all hot and bothered when it rains and do you blame the world for the rain and think that your life sucks really bad? Or do you, instead, look for an umbrella to solve the problem of getting wet?

Negative emotions have no use: they stop you dead in your tracks and cost you precious time. I’m not saying you should neglect them, I’m saying you should look for solutions to problems instead of feeling angry about it for a freaking year when being angry doesn’t SOLVE the problem.

Technique #13: become more indifferent. Say “I’m responsible” when a woman says “No” because you really are responsible for how it’s going to influence your night.

Will you decide that she’s worth it to screw up your night, or will you think I won’t let my night go to waste because of one chick?

Will you get upset when someone tells you something you don’t want to hear, or will you see if you can use it as feedback to learn more?

It’s your choice… your responsibility, now start being responsible because the more responsibility you take on your shoulders, the more you control you can exercise and the more power of where things are going you’ll have.

Being Dominant is a character trait that creates attraction with women no matter where they live on our little planet. Note though that being dominant is different from domineering… one is leading her, the other is being a paranoid psycho who demands to see her latest text messages to see if she cheated on you.

The funny thing about dominance is that some men are naturally dominant but don’t know that it works really well with women… I was one of them once.

But WHY does it create attraction? It has to do with human evolution my friend.

Here’s the story:

We didn’t always live in cities, in fact, most of our history consists of us living in small tribes on the plains of Africa and Asia… tribes of a couple dozen people at best.

And when a male of a tribe was more dominant than other males, he would be able to gather more resources (food, shelter, clothing, etc.) whenever he wanted by taking it with force or exercising his influence.

That meant that because he had access to more resources, his genes had a better chance of survival than that of any another male and that if a female would mate with him… SHE and her offspring would also
have higher chances of survival.

The result was that after thousands of years women started sexually selecting dominance as a character trait, because the more dominant a male was the better her genes would survive and the more offspring she would be able to support.

So from a survival of the fittest perspective, the character trait of being dominant has been a fitness indicator for a loooooong time.

Conclusion: if you want to create more attraction, be more dominant.

An example of getting a woman’s phone number…

Instead of ASKING her “may I have your phone number?” which is not dominant at all and just plain stupid because the chance she says no is 50%, it’s easy to say no…

You TELL her “let’s exchange phone numbers, so we can talk more tomorrow” or the even more dominant “give me your phone number, so we can talk more tomorrow.”

I know from experience, and genetics, which one gives me more success with women…

Do you know now too?

So please, take the lead. BE THE LEADER and tell her where you two are going because it creates attraction.

Not only that, being dominant and deciding where you two are going, how late and so on will make YOU feel more confident in the situation you’ll end up in… and being confident is attractive as well!

Although feminists want to make you believe otherwise, women instinctively WANT TO BE LED…

Feminists saying dominance is not a male trait but a human trait and them demanding equal rights for the last 100 years is no match for women sexually preferring dominance for thousands and thousands of years, PERIOD.

The perfect example of how women want to be led that is easily recognizable for most men:

You: “what do you want to do today honey?” She: “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

Classic boyfriend-girlfriend interaction which proves my point.

Technique #14: be more dominant and don’t ask for permission. Can I get your number? May I ask you something? Could I? Are the wrong things to say.

I want to see you, let’s exchange numbers, give me your number, let’s go there and there… then you’re talking! Never ask a woman for permission to do anything, she’s not the master of your destiny or your life. You are.

You’re not her love slave, you’re the leader whether you like it or not: women lose respect and feel less and less attraction for you if you don’t take the lead.

Being Mysterious is closely related to being picky and playful teasing because a woman will have to work for you, only this time it’s to get to know you better you. Being mysterious is being more than meets the eye. It’s creating curiosity and anticipation for what’s coming. It’s never putting all your cards on the table and this always leaves her wanting more.

You can be mysterious either because you don’t tell her everything there is to know about you, because you can do what most people can’t (example: magic), or because you’re highly spiritual.

Either way, you’ll be VERY different from your average guy who watches the average football of his average club with his average friends, while drinking average beer. Much of the “thrill of the kill” with attraction is because a woman won’t know everything about you, or what’s next… and you can easily use it to your advantage:

– Say you’re about to take a woman out on a date two days from now, then an easy way to make her look forward to it and to create even more attraction than you already had going for yourself is by creating ANTICIPATION.

Drop little hints like “yeah I’m taking you to this place that’s really awesome and where they have this…” or “guess what we’re going to do?” and then let her guess for it, only to NEVER tell her what you’ve got in store for her.

– Whenever you’re telling an exciting story on the phone, on MSN, or even in person and right in the middle you just… leave! And if she wants to hear the end of it? Make her work for it: “what do I get in return when I tell you the rest?”

– Use stuff like palmistry, tarot cards or The Cube (it’s a fun little game, Google it!) to not only create mystery about how you can know her so well in such a short period of time, but also about where you learned that stuff… and in the case of palmistry, it’s a good way to start physical contact by touching her right before you kiss her.

Being mysterious has also something to do with leaving her guessing: with being unpredictable. And the great thing about it is that if you leave pieces of the puzzle missing, the human mind tends to fill in the blanks in the only way it knows how: with wishful thinking, with positive images.


Say a woman asks you what you do for a living and you answer “I’m into marketing…” then your answer leaves so much of the puzzle missing that she’ll wonder: in marketing? Do you have like your own company? Are you a manager of some kind? What’s the deal here… and she’ll want to know more.

Technique #15: be more mysterious by not giving an answer right away, by letting women guess and anticipate… and by always leaving them wanting more. After the examples I gave you above here, I’m sure you can come up with your own ways to do it.

Last one up: Being Confident. I already mentioned how confidence served a man well in ancient times and how it increased his chances of survival. If you want to learn how sexual selection works and why these character traits create attraction, then I highly recommend you check out a book by Geoffrey Miller called The Mating Mind.

Let’s talk about what happens when you approach a woman while feeling insecure, anxious and full of doubt. Because YOU are uncomfortable, it will make HER feel really, really uncomfortable. It will make her want to leave.

If you feel comfortable going into the situation however, she sees you’re relaxed, open and feeling just fine and safe… so SHE’LL feel that way too. Remember what I said about people being sheeople, followers of the herd? Same thing goes for confidence…

Quite often, being a little more confident than you should be is VERY attractive. A simple example of how to do this is when a woman gives you a compliment like “you’re sweet!” don’t say thanks, but say “I know!” they love that stuff.

Here’s another one: say she says she’s going to pay her family a visit then you can respond with “you should pay ME a visit instead, because I’m much more fun than they are.”

A quick exercise to start feeling more confident right before you go out to meet women, whether it’s in clubs and bars, on the street, or even online… is “The Circle Of Cool”. Who do you think is the coolest guy on the freaking planet? The baddest motherf*cker around?

Whether it’s president Obama or Neo from The Matrix, next time before you go out ask yourself: how would he move? If a woman says so A, B, or C what would he say and how would he say it? Imitating people who you think have supreme confidence will make YOU feel more confident just like how imitating successful people will make YOU more successful.

Another obvious but overlooked tip: listen to the music or watch that movie that gets you pumped up and ready for action. This kind of stuff motivates you and makes you feel more confident, which will show itself as soon as you approach a woman. You will feel better while doing it!

Technique #16: start building your confidence by working on your insecurities and your fear of rejection and failure. Secondly, use The Circle Of Cool and “motivational media” to get you going just before you go outside to rock the world.

Now you know exactly what women want, it’s time to look at how to approach them easily and successfully…

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