How to Build Irresistable ‘Sexual Presence’

You are “unique” in the sense that you are an individual person with unique DNA. But as far as sexual attractiveness is concerned, your uniqueness is limited. You might think that when you approach a girl and she responds to you and likes you and goes out with you, it’s because of your special qualities or skill in game. But in reality, another guy who looked similar to you, dressed similar, of a similar height and build, approaching her in a similar situation or moment in her life, would have attracted her just the same. The attractive qualities that an individual man has are often shared by many other men.

The sexy stereotype

This is why the phenomenon of the “sexy stereotype” is possible. A sexy stereotype is a recognizable male character that represents a specific culture, personality and lifestyle. It is essentially a shortcut way of conveying your identity and personality right from the start, bypassing a lot of the conversation and “getting to know each other” stuff that would otherwise be necessary. This idea has been around in pickup/ seduction circles for a long time.

If you can fill out a very specific niche or male archetype then you will appeal to women who are looking for that archetype. You might turn off many women, but for those interested in the specific kind of guy you represent, the seduction will be extremely easy. It’s a higher-risk, higher-reward strategy.

There are guys who spend their entire life just seducing one woman after another purely based on their sexy stereotype, and they get into both short term and long term relationships based on their image, overall personality and what they represent to the woman. However this tends to be more of an option for advanced guys with a decent amount of experience, a good seduction skillset, and clear self- awareness. Guys who are not as comfortable with themselves or who have not had enough experience with women, or people in general, need to work on those areas before trying to fill out a very unique niche.

Here are some examples of sexy male stereotypes. These can also serve as inspiration as you develop your personal look and style.

The authority figure

Not only does this guy represent power and authority in the most literal sense, he is in a position of leadership and responsibility. The authority figure risks his life for others’ wellbeing, making him strong and courageous, but giving at the same time. Examples: police officer, fireman, soldier.

The businessman

This guy has worked hard to achieve a high-earning career in a white collar field. He represents achievement, wealth, stability and power. The natural image is a guy in an expensive, well-tailored suit with an expensive haircut and possibly a gold watch. He drives a BMW or Jaguar or, if he doesn’t drive, hires a car service to get around town. He has money to burn on fancy dinners and bottle service at high-end clubs. Examples: executives, lawyers, investment bankers, financial professionals.


The musician

The musician is a creative and musical guy who may be into any type of genre (Jazz, Rock, Hip-hop, Pop, Blues, Latin, whatever). He’s either in a band or plays music regularly. Being passionate about music, he’s probably super talented in one instrument (guitar, piano and drums being the biggest ones). There is something about male creative energy that is especially appealing to women. The musician may dress in the niche style of his subculture, or just keep it simple. His creative energy is concentrated in his art. Examples: Kenny G, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney/ The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger.

The baller/ bon vivant/ playboy

This character has a taste for the good life. He loves good food, good company, and good women. He is also associated with expensive tastes in all things—fashion, dining, parties and social scenes. The classic playboy has a flashy lifestyle and grabs attention everywhere he goes, but is most known for his appetite for women and sexual adventure.

The starving artist

This is a guy who gives up everything for his creative passion. He may live on a friend’s couch while he tries to sell his artwork. He may have a job as a waiter while he pursues his acting dream. The point is that he is taking a big risk in his life and chasing a dream that inspires him. This could apply to painters, musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, fashion designers or others in creative endeavors.

The athlete

Of course, his main thing is sports, fitness and competition. Athletic competition has a certain primal, masculine quality to it that is very appealing to women. And the high-achieving athletic man also has a high level of fitness, physical strength and is usually taller and more muscular than the average guy. He’s often admired and worshipped by average people, whether at the high school, college or professional level. Examples: pro athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, European soccer stars.

The exotic foreigner

Needless to say, what is exotic in one place will not be exotic in another. So this one is highly context- dependent. An Australian, Italian or French accent will make many American and Canadian women swoon. And an American accent will make many British and European women melt. Your skin color, body type, style of dress and general mannerisms may also play into how “exotic” or foreign you seem in a given setting.

The beach bum

He lives a relaxed, care-free life on the beach in California, Florida or the Caribbean. His whole persona is especially appealing to busy urban women who need a psychological escape from the rat race. He’s also tanned and fit, since he spends so much time outdoors surfing and swimming. He comes close to the ideal of “man in a state of nature.” Example: Laird Hamilton.

The professor/ intellectual

He is not just the smartest and most well-read person in the room, he has also worked hard in his field and has achieved leadership as a professor or researcher. He is witty, sharp, has an anecdote ready for any occasion, and loves deep conversations about fascinating topics. His authority in a university setting gives him huge attractiveness for the female students. Examples: Noam Chomsky, Christopher Hitchens.

These archetypes are more or less universal, and will be found in almost all large countries.

Of course, there are many sexy female stereotypes as well: the nerd/ gamer, ghetto girl, rocker chick, runway/ fashion model, porn star/ stripper, farmer girl, cheerleader, doting housewife, and so on.

Becoming a more attractive version of yourself

When you improve your attractiveness and seduction skills, you are bringing out the fundamental male qualities that are universally attractive to women. But you are bringing them out in a way that is consistent with your individuality. This makes you (a) more attractive in general, but also (b) more appealing to women who like your personality or the type of guy you are.

Suppose you are intellectual and enjoy discussing philosophy and science. But you are not very confident or have poor social skills. By improving your confidence, social skills and comfort in your sexuality, you do not negate your other interests—you are still a smart guy who likes philosophy and science. But now, to a girl who is also into that kind of stuff, you will be extremely attractive. Not only do you share similar interests and hobbies, but you also have those raw masculine qualities that appeal directly to a woman’s primal sexual desires. Now she does not have to settle for a confident, ballsy guy who is unintelligent or unintellectual just to have sex. She can get the best of both worlds with you because you are excelling in both arenas.

And on top of that, there will be plenty of girls who do not share your same interests, but who will nevertheless respond to your sexual, masculine attributes and be interested in you on that basis, for either shorter term or longer term relationships.

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