Honest Review of The Girlfriend Activation System

Girlfriend Activation System Review

  • Implementation - 71%
  • Effectiveness - 84%
  • Value for Money - 78%


GFAS is one of the most tried and tested products out there. Christian Hudson focuses majorly on genuine connection and that fact is generally well received by this who purchase the product. Solid foundational course to make deep, base level changes.

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About The Company: The Social Man

The Social Man is a dating company founded by Christian oudson and Nick Sparks in 2006, long before The Girlfriend Activation System was thought of, and set in New York City. Christian later purchased the company outright from Nick Sparks. The company was founded with the intention to take a step away from traditionalist PUA views towards a more holistic and natural approach to improving men’s lives. As such the companies core offerings focus on deeper aspects than surface ‘pick-up’ techniques, rather delving into the deeper aspects that make up a confident man, and how improving one’s entire being, including social life, health, wealth, and outlook can improve ones position drastically in dating and make one happier. The company has seen a constant evolution as it has matured in its 10 years since inception. To date the company has released 16 products, including How2TXTHer amongst others, moving from a more direct approach in its earlier products to a more integrated approach in its newer and revised offerings. The Social Man has made a concerted effort to update and revise the products that it feels core to its values, and discontinue those that are outdated. As such they are constantly refilling and improving older programs and unifying their programs to deliver clean, holistic and non-sleazy dating advice for contemporary men.

Other key players in the company include well known dating coaches Dan M (Charisma Coaching), Francis Adams, Jody Ann, Nick Sparks (Sparks of Attraction), David Tian and Race de Priest. This wealth of expertise has contributed massively to The Social Man’s success, with each coach contributing their specific expertise to programs. As a group of coaches, The Social Man has managed to transcend some of the boundaries formerly built by the PUA community, thus building a dating company that is honest, transparent and without that common ‘creep factor’.

About The Author: Christian Hudson

Christian Hudson - Bebe ReviewsChristian Hudson is an American dating coach and entrepreneur  born on the 16th of August, 1978. Christian studied at The University of Michigan and while there was drawn towards the ‘PUA’ scene. While in his 20’s he practiced coaching and got involved with several coaching companies while simultaneously launching several tech-startups (each of which failed). From 2004 to 2006 managed Charisma Arts, a company started by dating pioneer Wayne Elise, better known by PUA pseudonym Juggler. Christian left Charisma Arts to start his own company, The Social Man, on values separate from those being advanced by the PUA community.

Christian separates himself from other coaches and gurus by promoting a style of improvement that focuses holistically on men’s lifestyles, instead of purely on ‘pick-up’ techniques. Christian’s main belief that if your quality of life is not improving, then you are no better off – As such he promotes improving ones social life, health and wealth, and viewing one’s life as something to be enjoyed to the fullest. Within his views, social skills are a learnable skill that can help one enjoy their life more fully, not just pick up more women (though that may be a side affect). Christian himself is in longterm relationship with an attractive (read: Hot!) model, and believes that finding a woman that is right for you is integral to ones happiness. Christian has been featured on CNN, FHM and Men’s Health. You can read the Men’s Health article on ‘First Date Tips’ that features Christian here.

About The Program: The Girlfriend Activation System

GF Activation System - Bebe ReviewsThe Girlfriend Activation System (Often abbreviated GFAS), is a complete program designed by Christian Hudson and The Social Man coaches designed to teach mean the necessary social skills to attract and maintain a long-term girlfriend. The program is designed to explain from start to finish the steps to attracting a girlfriend, while proving some hard-hitting insights for men to better their lifestyles through. The program was first released on June 27, 2012 as GFAS 1.0 and has since mid-2014 been re-filmed and updated in GFAS 2.0. The updated version reflects the progression of the companies values and improved teaching methods, as well as includes better quality video, better delivered content and a more interactive teaching method and members area.

The course includes Online video, downloadable audio, members only articles, and a members only area where members can ask Christian Hudson and other Social Man dating coaches for advice. There are also interactive tools to track and manage your progress, as well as ways to interact with other members and push each other towards change.

Contributing authors on the program include: Christian Hudson, Nick Sparks, David Wygant, Alex Allman and Jason Capital.

My Experience With Girlfriend Activation System

GF Activation System - Experience - MyselfI was never deadly shy, or ugly, or a social recluse. I’ve always been, well, somewhat ok. Ok socially. Ok academically. Ok(ish) with girls. Its not like I’d never had a girlfriend or a social circle – I had – It was just that I knew I wasn’t in control of any of those things. Although I had had a couple girlfriends throughout high school and college, I still struggled to meet new girls. I never knew what to say and often I wouldn’t come across to them as a dating prospect at all. I knew it was time to turn my life around, and so soon enough I found myself deep down the dark rabbit hole that is the dating or ‘PUA’ community.

Within no time I was buying and reading different programs promising to be a magic bullet, a cure all for my social whims. Ultimately, and obviously, this all failed. Although I learned some clever tricks, and barely convinced one or two women to sleep with me, it all felt really REALLY fake. I was a fake, everything I said was pre-recorded and spit out, incongruently of course. There I found myself no better with women and WAY more unhappy then when I started.

I was pretty in touch with the PUA community, and so followed the news when Christian Hudson left Charisma Arts to start a new company, The Social Man. Charisma Arts had always been the one company that emphasised being natural, being yourself, and being genuine with women, but their content came across wishy washy and without clear direction, so I had always steered away. Christian, with his new company, was promising something different. This time, he said, he wanted to do it right. No games, no lies, no bullshit. And so Christian launched a company based on ‘post-PUA’ values, where men were meant to look at their lives holistically and consider how to improve all aspects that lead to a healthier, fuller and more fulfilling life. Needless to say, I was at least intrigued.

I shot Christian a tweet asking him where best to start, and he directed me towards the Girlfriend Activation System. I took out my credit card, not sure if this would be the right move, and *ka-ching* I went for it. What happened next surprised even myself… I devoured the program.

I had been through several dating programs before, even some made by highly acclaimed PUA gurus, but none’s insights quite struck a chord the way Christian’s did. The GFAS approach is to offer as much hard hitting insights as possible, to lay out on the table all the hard truths surrounding self-esteem, attraction, relationships and so forth and then to provide direction within a new masculine paradigm. It is a ‘eat or be eaten’ kind of course. It’s no surprise then that some women who have found the GFAS program are pretty angry about it. Christian has no time for those unwilling to surrender some limiting beliefs in order to progress their own fulfilment. He assumes you’re their for change and he treats you as such. This is a refreshing change from all the programs that treat you like a weak little kid, struggling with women.

I sat down and over a week in my free time went through the 23 video chapters that make up The Girlfriend Activation System. With each chapter I reconsidered my position on my life and my values, and vowed to make small incremental changes towards living a more attractive and fulfilling life.

The marketing of the program promises a girlfriend in 6 weeks, and so its somewhat surprising that Christian and the other coaches do not delve into hard techniques early on, rather the first few chapters discuss masculinity, how to be genuine, transparency, and values within relationships. For those looking for a quick fix, this may be disappointing. But bear with Christian a couple chapters more and everything starts falling into place, the insight theory really lays foundation for the harder techniques and ‘5 step systems’.

So did it work? Was I any closer to finding a girlfriend? I carried on the next few weeks implementing what the course had taught me, periodically heading back to the very active members only area to ask coaches for advice on day to day barriers. Over the first 4 weeks I made incremental changes that’s sum was a whole lot greater than its parts. People started asking me where I had got this sudden jolt of energy, and my only retaliation was to say that for the first time in a long time I was feeling a whole lot more alive.

Naturally more women were gravitating towards me. I found myself having very flirtatious conversations with women and situations I never had before. With sexy cashiers, with girls I had long been friend zoned with, with co-workers – All of a sudden my sexual aura was lighting up and women around me could feel it. Soon enough I had my first date in a long time. The my second, third, fourth and so on. Within 3 months I was going on dates repeatedly with a few different gorgeous women, and my relationships were progressing to the point where I either choose a girlfriend or call it off.

I chose to choose. And I’ve never looked back. I’ve been dating the love a my life, a truly beautiful girl for more than a year now.

So did it work? Absolutely. Was it the only thing that contributed? Absolutely not. I put in a whole lot of soul searching outside the program too, but the Girlfriend Activation System acted majorly as a catalyst that projected me towards this new life. I’d suggest it to anyone wanting to make a serious change in their life, and to people keen to steer away from other creepy/ perverted PUA programs. This is not a PUA program, it is a way more honest, integrated approach and I believe Christian Hudson has done a major thing right with GFAS.

Summary of The Girlfriend Activation System Program

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 1 gives an overview of Christian Hudson as the Author while explaining the goals and purpose of the program. In the first 30 minutes he explains the effectiveness of the program and how thats been proven and gives an rundown of whats to come in the program. This chapter is of the program is very elementary, and serves to introduce the viewer to the main speaker and style. Not much to see here, except that there is some method to his madness, and that they do actually test their theories pretty scientifically.

Chapter 2: Masculine Power

This chapter begins to get into the nitty gritty of the program, and is meant to be the major foundational section of the program. Here, he defines masculine power in a way that the viewer can relate to, and personally understand in relation to their desire for their own masculine power. On the topic of masculine power, Chrisitan explains what he dubs ‘The Obsession Story’, a dominance factor in male/ female relationships that drives attraction. Once you’ve learned about Christians ‘Obsession Story approach, he defines the principles of dominance and explains how it can be learned. According to Christian, dominance is something that can be completely learned to the point it becomes natural. To drill this in, he explains his ‘Ten Code’ Exercises to train the dominance ‘muscle’. The video chapter end off with three stories that explain dominance: Melodia; Even; NYE and a couple ‘Dominance Demonstrations’ with a model.

Chapter 3: Masculine Power Continued

This chapter continues on the theme of masculine power, but focuses on what Christian dubs ‘competence’. Here, he explains the importance of having a life mission and how to find yours (i.e. being competent as a man). He then explains the three hallmarks of competence (1. Let your actions control your emotions; 2. Balancing fun & responsibility; 3. Creating more than you consume). To fully explain his competance theory, he gives examples of Incompetence: Overspending in NYC; Staying in partnerships. To end off this chapter he explains an exclusive technique dubbed ‘The High Status Drop’ and shows you what this has to do with competence, and then explains passive value in general.

Chapter 4: Q&A with Alex

Here Christian interviews his girlfriend Alex on her thoughts and feelings surrounding some of the techniques he has discussed so far. She is really cool and down to earth for a PUA’s girlfriend. Alex talks about attraction from a female point of view and explains how certain things a man can do aid the obsession story and get a women attracted to you. This video chapter is gold, as a woman’s point of view really deepens the value of the program.

Chapter 5: Nick Sparks on Sexuality

Guest speaker Nick Sparks takes the stage to talk about at its root what it means to get sexual with someone. Nick is a master PUA and is well known for his escalation techniques. According to Nick, the key to flirting and creating sexual tension is to allow women to feel the natural reactions to sexuality. Nick explains his theories around sexuality, and how to deepen your sexual connections with women.

Chapter 6: Jason Capital on Being a Challenge

Guest speaker Jason Capital takes the stage to explains why women are attracted to challenging men. Jason Capital is widely regarded as the ‘new kid on the block’ in the PUA community, a wonder kid that has taken the community by storm with some pretty progressive and smooth techniques. Jason explain how you can use “Attention” to attract a woman. To end off, Jason explain what is ‘indifference’ and how its integral to attraction. Jason is one of the stars of this program, and really enjoyable to watch.

Chapter 7: Alex Allman on Being Genuine

Guest speaker Alex Allman takes the stage to talk about the link between being genuine and being vulnerable. Alex Allman is an old timer PUA, and knows a thing or two. His section really reflects his experience. Alex explain what being “genuine” entails and how to cultivate it in your personality and delves into the art of being honest and acknowledging your fears and short-comings. This chapter really leaves the viewer with a good sense of why the value of being genuine is integral not only to women, but to your own quality of life.

Chapter 8: David Wygant on Being Dominant

Guest speaker David Wygant takes the stage to talk about how modern women feel about dominant men. David Wygant is a really famous dating coach, so famous intact that the movie ‘Hitch’ with Will Smith was based on him. David explains why women have and always will crave a dominant man and how mastering the subliminal cues expressed in your body language, eye contact, and intonation that express dominance can attract high quality women. This chapter has an interesting stance on status vs dominance, and which really matters.

Chapter 9: Boyfriend Material

Christian Hudson reenters the stage to explain how to be ‘boyfriend material’. He teaches seven things you have to give her to feel like the girlfriend she always wanted to be. A big part of this chapter is explaining how to express a vision for her future that you see things in her that she can’t see for herself. This part of the program focuses heavily on dynamics within the relationship, such as how you should approach “pleasure” in a relationship, when should you push for sex in a relationship, creating emotions and excitement in an otherwise mundane life, and helping her become “better” and healthier in mind, body and spirit. Christian highlights three gimmicks to use in a relationship: 1. Surprise dates and changes of plan; 2. ‘The Short Text’, 3. C’hampagne During Sex’.

Chapter 10: Q&A with Christian Hudson

This chapter is an audience Q&A session with Christian. Some of the best issues addressed were which part of being “boyfriend material” you want to give a woman from the very beginning of the dating process, the best way to create a spark in the very beginning of a relationship, and future projecting and having ‘vision’. Really valuable section that may help clear up questions you too were having along the way.

Chapter 11: The Obsession Story

This chapter begins by explaining the Three “Layers” Of The Dating Experience, namely:

  1. The Obsession Story: the four stages that mark every great love story
  2. The Investment Ladder: the “social dynamics” of love and commitment
  3. The Checkpoints: points of contact between you and her, from seeing her to being her BF

Christian then explains the 4 stages of ‘The Obsession Story’, namely:

  1. Impression: from meeting to number
  2. Inspection: from texting to sex
  3. Intimacy: from sex to relationship
  4. In Love: from relationship, onwards

Chapter 12: Introduction to Day 2

Christian retakes the stage for day 2 of the program and begins off by giving an overview of what is still to follow in the rest of the program. Christian gives his conclusion about the contrasting views on women and dating held by people like Jason Capital and Alex Allman and why different attitudes towards women work for different people and at different points in the dating process. The main point he is getting at is that the most important part of dating that should never be lost: The mystery and excitement of falling in love with a woman.

Chapter 13: Stage 1 = Impression

Christian explains what impression means in attraction and how to make an impression before you meet her if you’re introduced. This chapter covers some of the basics, such as how to approach, conversation basics, getting her to approach you and “Resetting” an impression.

Chapter 14: King Game

Christian explains what is the “core of King Game and how to establish ‘alpha status’ by being the leader of a high value scene. Also addressed is how to demonstrate value when first meeting a woman in a social setting like a dinner party, how to put yourself in the best possible light that the girls you want, want to be a part of, and getting your friends to pimp you out. In summary, this chapter dresses ways of being ‘The Owner, Connector and Facilitator’.

Chapter 15: Nick Sparks on Impression

Guest speaker Nick Sparks retakes the stage to talk about the secret to talking to woman during the daytime. Nick explains the only thing that you will be judged on during the first five seconds of meeting a woman and how you should start an interaction with a woman you don’t know. This chapter is pretty basic, but may have some gold for newbies.

 Chapter 16: What to Say

Christian retakes the stage to explain the cold approach: Attraction Before Approach! He shows you how to create attraction and have woman gravitate towards you in a public place and what you should do after you finish the “fluff talk” phase of a conversation. This chapter focuses mainly on how to build situational value and Christian gives the 5 steps to every successful initial conversation, that really helps focus ones efforts here. To end of, Christian explains when to ask a woman for her phone number

Chapter 17: Resetting The Impression

Here christian explains how to change the dynamic once already set and dressing the issues if she doesn’t think of you sexually. You’ll learn why women put men in the friend zone, how to introduce sexuality and “flip the frame”, the 5 step process to getting out the friend zone and the “50 Shades” Conversation. Solid gold if you’re sitting in the friend zone like so many brothers out there.

Chapter 18: Stage 2 = Inspection

Here the conversation gets a bit more serious, as Christian explains the the ‘Dating Phase’. He shows you the most important texting techniques, step-by-step dates, conversation chemistry and romance, how to create amazing sexual excitement, and how to give her the gift of wondering about you. This is all vital, especially at the beginning of a relationship.

Chapter 19: The First Date

Its time for the big first date! Chris here explains the ‘DTF’ Test (how to see if she’s going to go home with you).He tells you about the perfect first date, and dresses the issue of who should pay. He explains what to do when you meet on the date, and how to tease, and well as gives an outline of the Five Step Texting Process from HOW2TXTHER for after the date. You’ll get access to 25 great first date questions, The ‘Ex Talk’ and The ‘Sex Talk’ scripts, and get a lesson on how you should approach texting a woman after the first date.

Chapter 20: The Social Date

Christian explains the thinking process behind ‘the social date’ and tells you when it would be a bad idea to invite a woman on a social date and what to avoid on a social date. The main points here are to make sure she’s taken care of, but don’t overwhelm her, and make connections between your friends and her. Theres a technique explained to end off the chapter – The GFE: arm around shoulder, or light back rub.

Chapter 21: The Sex Date

Its time to seal the deal. Chris explain his approach: Dinner and a Movie At Your Place or Cooking Together, and then gives insight into his ideas on ‘Tough & Tender Sex’ : the yin and yang of sexual tension. Ready For Sex? Slow Down There! Watch this chapter first,

Chapter 22: Stage 3 = Intimacy

Alright, you’ve followed the program – Time to make her your girlfriend. This chapter adresses the 2-6 week period where you go from “dating” to “official. The main points here are giving her space while lighting up her life, connecting on visions and plans, how to keep her hooked without pushing her away, becoming official – how to have the talk, how the two of you see the world together, and the 5 steps to increasing her investment in you.

Chapter 23: Conclusion

End of the program! Chris comes out to tie off all the loose ends. He gives a summary on being an ‘obsession worthy’ man, explains how women are a mirror that reflect onto us our best, and our worst, selves and leaves you with the thought to be selfish: give yourself the gift of the best life you can have, as the best guy you can be. Exits stage, program over! Great production, great insights!


Summary - Review of The Girlfriend Activation System

Gf Activation System Video Samples

Screenshots of the Gf Activation System Reviews Program


  1. Complete Confidence Hypnosis (NORMALLY $497)
    • Custom made hypnosis course that aims to upgrade your subconscious mind with the inner voice of a man who’s been successful with women for his entire life.
  2. The Breathtaking Hello (NORMALLY $97)
    • Teaches you how to confidently approach women without fear of rejection.
  3. Endless Conversations (NORMALLY $297)
    • This seminar teaches you how to improve your conversation skills and charm so to never have a lull moment in conversation ever again.
  4. R-Rated Texting (Normally $197)
    • How to turn women on over text, send pictures seamlessly. 
  5. The Ten Code(Normally $147/ month)
    • You get a 14 day trail of what Christian calls the “best course he’s ever made”. It teaches the secrets that men that are a ’10’ at life know, in dating, business and beyond.

Gf Activation System Product Information

Company The Social Man/ The Hero Company
Author Christian Hudson
Category Get a Girlfriend
Release Date June 2012
Format Online Video & V/A Downloads

Whats Included in GF Activation System

The Girlfriend Activation System
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$1247.00 – BONUS

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  3. Have purchased a few dating products in my time, and this definitely seems most on point with living out a genuine masculine lifestyle. Quite happy with the purchase.

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