The First Rule of Online Dating: Don’t Ask, Just Tell

This post is worth its weight in gold, and the information holds true no matter if you’re talking to women on the Internet or in the grocery store. The title of the post pretty much says it all, and I really can’t emphasize it enough.

I can’t imagine asking a girl out on a date. Yes, you heard me correctly. I never ask chicks out on dates. If I want to meet a girl out that I met on the Internet, I’ll say something like, “I’m thinking 8:30” when I’m on the phone with her. She’ll be like, “What?” So I say it again: “I’m thinking 8:30.” She’ll then say something like “What are you talking about?” So I follow with something like “I’m thinking that 8:30 is the time that I’ll meet you at Tim’s Tavern this Friday for a drink, or ten.”

As soon as she starts laughing (and she will laugh), reinforce that you’re meeting her there at that time. She might say she can’t meet then but let her know that you have the utmost faith in her ability to blow off her girlfriend that night to meet you. Say something like “Jenny, I know you can make this happen. So make me proud, baby. I’ll see you at Tim’s Tavern at 8:30.” Actually, I’d suggest T.G.I. Friday’s or someplace like that, but Tim’s Tavern is bound to be less expensive. Anyhow, I hope you’re getting my point, here.

Again, it’s just like the title of this chapter reads — Don’t ask, just tell. Your success rate will increase overnight. When you say to a chick, “Would you like to meet for coffee on Sunday?” you’re setting yourself up for a disaster. A total train wreck here, Guys, I’m not kidding. By asking a girl a question when it comes to making plans, almost any yes or no question, all that you are doing is giving her an opportunity to say no. True, there is a chance that she might say yes, but why bother with chances?
Remember, we’re just average Joe Blows here.

We’re not all Brad Pitt, and it isn’t like women just fall in our laps. Us average guys have to work for the tail we can get, so stop asking and just tell her that you’ll be seeing her for coffee on Sunday. The difference is in how you tell her. I’m thinking if you say something like, “You’re meeting me for coffee on Sunday” that it’s probably not going to happen. But, if you incorporate some humor with your statement, your results will skyrocket and you’ve taken away the good possibility that she’ll say no.
When you’re on the phone with her, try saying something like, “One sugar or two? You’re probably a two-sugar person.” Say this to her in the middle of a conversation when it has absolutely nothing to do with your plans for Sunday. She’ll be like, “What are you talking about?” You then repeat the statement to her, saying something along the lines of, “You heard me. I think you like two sugars.” She’ll then repeat herself and probably say, “What are you talking about?” again. That’s when you wrap-up the deal and say, “I’m trying to figure out how you like your coffee so when we meet at Starbucks this Sunday morning at 9:30, I’ll know just what to tell the person behind the counter. I hear most women like it when guys order for them, and being the gentleman that I am I’ll need to know how you like your coffee.”

Guess what happens next? She’ll start laughing. That, Fellas, is the greatest aphrodisiac in the world. No, not coffee, laughter! Humor is your best friend in this quest to bang, and the entire basis of my book revolves around it. When a chick is laughing, your odds of banging her increase dramatically. Most dudes that are funny get laid. End of story! If you’re a funny guy, and you’re still not getting laid, then you have that “nice guy syndrome”. But, not to worry, because this book will get you over that hump, as well.
I really need to place an emphasis on this “Don’t Ask, Just Tell” point some more. You have no idea how important it is that you rarely ask a chick a question when it comes to making plans or decisions when it comes to the initial meeting. I practice the technique of not asking women questions all of the time. A common question from one of us Average Joes to a chick might sound something like, “So, do you have brothers and sisters?” WRONG!
Even though she’ll be glad that you seem to give a rat’s ass about her family, she’ll probably start babbling about her three stepsisters and two half brothers, which gets you nowhere. Instead, practice your “Don’t Ask, Just Tell” skills with that question. Say something along the lines of, “Tell me about your family.” You’ll get the same answers that you would normally receive, but you are now honing your skills.

I can’t stress it enough, don’t ask chicks questions when you can just tell them what you want to know. Tell them what you want them to do. Tell them everything and ask them nothing. There will be times when you do need to ask her questions, but many times we ask when we should just tell.
The importance of this entire thing is that when you ask too many questions you are showing a sign of insecurity. If you have to always ask, then perhaps the chemistry isn’t flowing the way it should be. The single most important thing that you should try getting in the habit of is not asking chicks out on dates. By not asking questions in general, you will reek of confidence. Just tell them what you want to know. Does it always work? Hell no! But by telling and not asking, and working-in some humor throughout the process, your odds of getting the results you want increase dramatically. If it always worked that way, what fun would that be, right?

There is nothing women like more than a guy that can make her laugh who is also very confident with himself. Now here is where some guys get in trouble. They cross the line of confidence and step over to the arrogant side. Once you cross that line, then you’re basically dead in the water. The problem is there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, so dance all around the line but whatever you do don’t cross the line. As time goes on, you’ll feel it out but just be careful. Most women can’t stand an arrogant ass-wipe who thinks his shit doesn’t stink. The conversation or date will come to a screeching halt, and there will be no coffee on Sunday, let alone some doggie-style action with her later that night. Stay confident, keep making her laugh, remember to ask her very little and tell her almost everything, and you’ll be in good shape.

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