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  • Implementation - 74%
  • Effectiveness - 81%
  • Value for Money - 76%


One of the most solid 'texting guides' around, How2TXTHer has proved itself time and time again, through dozens of reviews. Great program by a great team. Accessible and useful for all levels of skill. Editor's choice product.

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The Comprehensive Reviews Of How2TXTHer by Christian Hudson

Brief Overview about How2TXTHer

How2TxtHer is a product released by The Social Man and authored by Christian Hudson. The product has formerly been released under the title B4UTxtHer, but was renamed to represent the updated version, written more poignantly by Christian Hudson himself. Many may be aware that the book was previously marketed by Race De Priest, the updated version is now a video product shot by a professional team specifically for Christian Hudson and The Social Man, and so represents quite a big quality/ value shift away from the old product and partnership.

The product aims to teach men, within 7 video chapters, how to text women so to build attraction and desire. The program runs through first meeting a women and what to text her there, right through to getting into a relationship. As one would expect, this program is quite all encompassing, and aims to cover all bases that men may find while texting women. Interestingly, this product looks towards situations outside of the old ‘PUA’ frame of meeting women, and towards a modern approach, including Tinder, other messaging platforms and the like.

It is rare to see such a focused dating product be so comprehensive. Usually dating companies put out slap dash products to fulfil whatever niche is the craze at that exact moment. Many companies have put out products addressing texting and phone game, including Love Systems and Mystery Method, but none have been able to achieve what Christian Hudson has in his video course, How2TxtHer.

The course is by far the most far reaching on the market, looking at text game as a filter, and a pillar, of the entire structure of your approach to women. In many ways, Christian uses texting as a microcosm to show the scientific effects of attraction and seduction. The principles remain the same on the phone and off the phone, and this is something Christian manages to get across quite aptly in the program. In this way, even if your game elsewhere is lacking, this product will teach you the actual principles behind what is causing attraction, and not just leave you with a list of text messages or some gimmicks, like many other products.

Chapter by Chapter Breakdown

Chapter 1. Foundations of The Course

Christian introduces the course, gives an outline of how he’ll teach, his style, and the guest lecturers that will be joining him. He does the usual shtick about asking you what you want to get out of the program and introduces some introspection before he starts getting to the content. Christian begins the content of the course with explaining the 10 biggest turn offs in women, and how these are universal, not he phone and off. He then jumps into the basics of phone game and some very commonly asked questions, such as “How long should you wait before responding to a text?”. Christian answer here might surprise you, as he flips the paradigm and explains why the issue here really isn’t time, but intention. Within the basics christian talks about how to send out a ‘personalised’ mass text, and how to play your cards there (this relates allot to booty calls), and then explain how texting is one ‘shit test’ after another, and that handling these shit tests are essentially the key to success in texting. This is definitely an element of the course that carries over into real life, as ‘shit testing’ originated as a term from PUA’s back in the day to refer to how women behave in real life.

Chapter 2. Getting Her Number

Now that you’re settled into the program a little, Christian starts discussing some bigger concepts. He begins by talking about that awkwardness when asking a girl for a number, and how to absolutely destroy it. You’re going to here the word ‘paradigm shift’ allot in this course, and this is somewhere he’ll do it again. Christian explains how to make them give you their number without ever asking for it, a method that absolutely annihilates the awkwardness and puts you in prime position when the texting starts. Here he explains what to do the moments after you get the number, and how to stop flaking before it even starts, and element of the course that is really helpful to most guys. Understanding how to set the frame in the initial hours after you get a number is often key to success. Now that you’ll be doing more opening and collecting more numbers, Christian explains breiefly how to manage multiple phone numbers on your phone, how to remember who each person is, and how to have some fun jokes waiting for each one of them.

Chapter 3. Sending Her That Initial Text

You’ve got the number, so now its time to send that initial text to the girl. How2TxtHer runs deeply here into everything you need to know to get the conversation popping from the start. Christian explains how your first text actually tells her everything she needs to know about what type of guy you are, your status, and you frame. Its good to know what signals she’s looking for so you can push all the right buttons, and so the program explains them to like you’re 5. This might sound condescending, but its actually incredibly helpful – Women are not complicated! Once you know the buttons, its like they’re there waiting to be pushed. There are actually 3 vital components to your game that Christian explains here so that you can master them from the beginning. Its important to pay attention here, as this stuff is really solid gold. The program then continues onto how to manage responses, extend that spark of attraction you had when you first met, and when to end the conversation so to keep the mystery alive. This chapter ends off with some answers to common questions that girls may ask when you first start texting.

Chapter 4. The Structure of Texts and In Depth Techniques

Now that you’ve mastered the approach and open, its time for Christian Hudson to delve into some deeper concepts, and that exactly what this chapter of How2TxtHer is there to do. Theres a whole bunch of advanced concepts Christian explains int his chapters, such as creating absolute comfort through role playing and casual teasing, and how this can flip the table and actually make her chase you. The key to comfort is killer rapport, and so Christian shares his 10 personal secret to rock solid rapport, simple techniques that you can follow and use straight away. There’s of course then setting put he first date, and sending here brilliant little texts that will get her horny. Here’s one of the few places in the course they include a list, and my word is it impressively effective. Back to asking her out, the course explains how to make sure she says yes, and avoid the ‘second meeting awkwardness’ – This can all be done in the framing through text conversation before. Its pretty easy to manage as long as you set expectations, as explained. To end off this chapter, with all your new found women, Christian explains how to balance and date multiple women at the same time. This part of the course is more for advanced guys than newbies, but everyone can benefit.

Chapter 5. How to Get Girls to Stop Flaking

Christian did explain in the first chapter that one thing guys hate the most is flakey girls – girls who don’t respond to their texts and don’t show up on dates. After explaining some paradigm shifting concepts with regard to flaking, Christian explains how to respond to suggestions of flaking, manage expectations and value to avoid flaking and gives you tips on the actual best way to manage a ‘flaky’ women so that she comes running back for you. Once you master this chapter on flaking, your success rate with women will automatically skyrocket, as you lose way less of the opportunities you put effort into. Mastering this can help you focus your efforts on fewer, higher quality women.

Chapter 6. What to Do if She Stops Responding

This chapter is all about the dreaded ‘non response’ – Everything is going well and then all of a sudden she’s cold as ice and gone. There are simple psychological reasons for this type of flakiness, and such simple psychological techniques to avoid and overcome them. Christian explains simple what to do if she stops responding, and how to avoid mind games with her and yourself in this situation. It’s all about holding frame, and keeping  your status. There’s an actual psychology to texting itself, and Christian explain how to respire text-romance should it fade or stop abruptly. His major technique her centres around ‘curiosity’, and aims to build the feeling so that you just sit and wait and she has to text you. The last part deals with urgency and immediacy, advanced concepts that are absolutely killer if you know how to use them, but as explained, need to be used with care.

Chapter 7. The End & The Great Debate: Texting vs Sexting

This is the last chapter int he course and Christian explains some of the early concepts tying them up into the more advanced later concepts int he course. By now, its likely that you’re sleeping with at least one of the women you’ve been texting, and so Christian explain how to create sexual frames through text and actually conversation. Creating these frames from the beginning can help avoid the dreaded friend zone, and keep the relationship on the right track. Allot of the framing he talks about uses a concept he calls ‘sexual misdirection’, which is pretty powerful and easy to use. This all runs into the overall concept of ‘sexual obsession’ and creating ‘lust’, elements vital to any successful relationship, no matter how casual. To end off, Christian explain setting up bootycalls without hesitations, and then goes onto the very advanced concept of Neuro Linguistic Programming in texts, the principles of hypnosis that can help you make her want you more than you could imagine. Chrisstian then raps up the program, speaks about some wider goals and visions that every man should seek in his personal life and relationships, and leaves the program with some motivation and personal advice.

Pros of How2TXTHer Course

  • Video format of program is easier to follow and enjoy then eBook, like most other programs
  • Can be used at any skill level, Christian covers both newbie and advanced concepts
  • Takes you through the entire process of meeting women, through the lens of texting
  • Not just gimmicks and gambits, actually gets tot he fundamental of lust and attraction
  • Easy to watch, really high quality production
  • Christian is a brilliant, concise, and knowledgeable teacher who really wants his student to succeed.
  • The course is super effective, comes with private coaching, and is known in the industry to be the course that most often helps men to actually get laid.
  • The course comes with some awesome bonuses, and gives you access to the wider network of The Social Man Products
  • Access to The Social Man Forums and networks, which include enough free personal advice to get any guy laid.

Cons of How2TXTHer Course

  • This course is not a quick fix, or a simple list of texts. You actually have to learn the fundamentals and improve your overall game.
  • Not the cheapest texting program, though it delivers way more quality then others not the market. Not for someone looking for a cheap, quick fix product.

Overall Conclusion on How2TXTHer

How2TxtHer is undoubtedly one of the highest quality, best value for money texting guides out there. I am yet to come across another texting program that is as encompassing, and explains the concepts as clearly and effectively. The point of this course is to improve guys texting abilities and get them laid, and it delivers on both. As discussed, its not a quick fix or a simple list of texts, but actual foundational learning on attraction, seduction and lust, and how to use these elements when texting women. Great foundational course, and also great for someone looking for real skill level paradigm shifts that leave them better with women.

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Product Information

Company The Social Man
Author Christian Hudson
Category Text & Phone Game
Release Date April 2010
Format DVD Set / Online Stream

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  • Implementation - 74%
  • Effectiveness - 81%
  • Value for Money - 76%


One of the most solid 'texting guides' around, How2TXTHer has proved itself time and time again, through dozens of reviews. Great program by a great team. Accessible and useful for all levels of skill. Editor's choice product.

77 %
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