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Short Guy Game Review


About The Program

Short Guy Game is a seduction and attraction program produced by Boris Gotz and launched in March 2015. The premise of the program is that after religiously following Simple Pickup’s programs, Boris couldn’t find success in the dating and realm and so established that ‘Pick Up is Dead’. In the promotional video for the product, Boris attempts to demonstrate this notion by walking around malls and public areas and approaching women with classic PUA techniques. Unsurprisingly, following the agenda of the video, these approached fail miserably with all the women rejecting Boris outrightly.

Boris Gotz claims to have since approached over 10 000 women in a single year in attempt to figure out the future new-age of pick-up. In doing so, he claims to have developed an entirely new system along with a one year transformation plan that promises to get any guy laid. Above all this, Boris is only 5’2″ (157cm) and claims that he has found a way to use his short stature as an advantage rather than an obstacle with women. To say the least we were sceptical… And so we bought the program ourselves and mulled over the material with a magnifying glass. We also put a call out to those who have bought the product (verified purchases with slips) to send us their reviews and opinions on the product and the growth they’ve seen from applying the techniques. This way, even if we considered the content rubbish, if the results were evident then we’re have to concede that this product is valuable.

We began by going through the hours of infield footage, so as to get a grasp of this guys true skills. One notable fact is that all his sets went almost too perfectly, suggesting that there must have been dozens of sets that went awfully badly and so he cut from the film. That said, this guy does have a certain charm around women and does overcome his disadvantage of shortness quite successfully, with many girls bending down to make out with him. Its quite a sight! If as he says, these skills are recently learned, than we’ve got to give it to Boris, perhaps he’s onto something. Boris moves through the sets in his infield footage with ease and confidence, often keeping girls laughing and quickly progressing up the escalation ladder toward intimacy. He doesn’t have that raw masculinity that say David Tian poses, but this may be a perceptive finding around his height. The bottom line is that in this footage he successfully manages to overcome a major obstacle and seduce women. That is what he promised to do, and that is what he has done. I’ll commend him on some of the most solid infield footage I’ve seen in a while… Now we just have to see about the actually teaching.

From mulling over the content, Borist Gotz does not appear a natural teacher. He has some brilliant concepts, many as promised newly developed, but he does not always have the best way of getting them across. A good teacher is a rare commodity in the PUA industry, of which Boris is not. That said, if you can ignore his lapses in teaching, he has some content that is available nowhere else, especially if you’re a short guy looking to overcome your obstacles. Short Guy Game boast six solid modules entered around overcoming the height obstacle while building a solid foundational understanding of attraction and seduction. Boris outlines quite rigorously what self improvements and ‘hacks’ need to be achieved to reach true transformation. If Boris is to be believed and he hasn’t always been this smooth and cool, than it is worth listening to him.


Content Breakdown

Short Guy Game Whats Included


Short Guy Game Modules

Here Boris lays out the foundations and gets through all the basic tenant of his new approach while comparing them to the old style of pickup. The rigorous explanation of the differences between the new and old systems are helpful in understanding the core tenants of this program. In this section he explains some of the most notorious paradoxes in pick up and goes through some of the most common challenges that short guys have with women. In terms of setting a foundation for further understanding, the first module does well in giving simple palatable advice without veering too far off into theory.

This chapter, in reference to Neil Strauss’s renowned The Game and The Rules of The Game, teaches you some hard and fast rules to overcome approach anxiety and handle social situations with a burning coolness. It is in this chapter that Boris begins to lay out the rules of his new seduction system.

Working on the old idea that body language and tone make up 70% of our communication, Boris teaches ways to naturally improve both so as to come off as a more dominant, alpha male – desire your height. Boris delves into tried and tested techniques here from psychologists and physiotherapists to help make some deep levels transformations. Although this isn’t the most in depth teachings into the subject that I’ve ever seen, it is a nice addition to the program.

This section is basically a summary of ‘Make Small Talk Sexy’ by Bobby Rio. That said, it is a solid condensed compendium on what it takes to hold a conversation with a beautiful woman and never run out of things to say. Any man would do very well to take Boris’s advice here as he throws out some sound teaching. Nothing really new here, bot solid advice none the less.

This is the section in which Boris really shines. As a product geared toward short guys, Boris mulls over some of his frustrations and how he successfully overcame them. This section comes across as honest and Boris comes off as knowledgeable, dishing out advice only a man who has ‘been there’ could do. If you go through one section of this program as a short guy, this should be it.

In this conclusion to the program, Boris talks about how to focus your efforts and further your advancements towards total transformation. He speaks allot about affirmation, visualisation and building a rock solid path towards your goals. Its a good, if slightly sentimental ending to the program and leaves viewers on a positive and inspirational note

Short Guy Game Bonuses


The bonuses included in Short Guy Game offer an interesting, if somewhat immature, addendum to the core program. One Year Transformation offers a solid plan to keep to following the completion of the program and may really act as the golden thread between the content and real world success. Unfortunately the same can not be said of How to Game Hot Girls, which is really just rehashed content and could of been left out of the program,.



  • The only decent program on the market to help short guys overcome their obstacles with women.
  • Good production value, program is well recorded and edited and infield footage is enjoyable to watch.
  • Good value for money – At $67 this program isn’t going to send you ravaging for Ramen noodles.
  • Solid one year transformative plan, a nice addition to the program to ensure those that buy it actually pursue results.
  • The purchase if facilitated by Clickbank, a very reputable product management system and so if there are any problems they should be sorted out hassle free.


  • Although Boris promises an entirely new system, their is lots of old rehashed ideas in here. Not a problem if you’re new to the game, but relatively experienced readers may be irritated by this.
  • Boris is not entirely the best teacher – Although he is knowledgeable in some specific aspects, he fails in others coming across as borrowing knowledge from industry leaders.


The Bottom Line

Short Guy Game opens PUA products to a new, challenge orientated genre. Perhaps we’ll see more products popping up for super tall guys, thin guys, fat guys, white guys, black guys etc. etc.  The program manages to stay focused on the task at hand, which is helping short guys overcome their obstacles and get laid, but fails to address some of the deeper issues more immersive (and expensive) programs in the industry tend to do.  The bottom line is that if you’re a short guy looking to up your game, this product will be of major help you to. And truthfully, if you’re a short guy, you might as well buy this because there’s nothing else as good on the market and I suspect their won’t be for a few years to come.



The Short Guy Game Program
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